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On Time and On Budget Website Design

Webheads worked with Metro International to ensure that their web presence was poised and optimised to perform for both their business and reader interests. This consists of a relationship that supports the client at all steps, across multiple on time and on budget website design projects. “Metro International is the world’s largest newspaper and we needed our web agency to be, proactive, creative, professional and friendly. Webheads met the challenge admirably and perhaps more importantly continue to help me take our websites from strength to strength. The Webheads management team are consistent, reliable and hard working and are also blessed with a strong sense of financial realism. It’s good to know that […]


Take Caution with the Common Web Design Element

Fashionable Fonts Using more unique and stylised fonts can be visually appealing and add a characteristic edge to your website design; but they can also be difficult to read and understand. This can be especially true on mobile devices which have smaller screens. Consider this if you are thinking to implement this common web design element. Depending on your particular website design and interface, it may be better to use these sparingly for bigger and more legible headline areas as opposed to blocks of webpage text. Having a strong visual identity is always a good thing, but not when it compromises the usability of your website. Sleek Sliders Image sliders, also known […]


Why our Travel Website Designs Work

To showcase the cityscapes and country escapes for each destination, high quality photography and imagery punctuate each of the designs. This means that the likes of the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony in Cape Town, South Africa can be brought to life and act as a visual draw for visitors of the Cape Town Pass website to convert. Likewise to highlight the charming Suomenlinna Toy Museum in Helsinki, images of the trinkets and toys attract visitors and pique their interest. We know that while selections of high quality images can look great; they can also place a drag on website loading speeds. That is why we optimise images where necessary, without losing their […]


Explaining the Fold Within Website Design

Delta Force Paintball Feeding into the high-impact ethos of paintballing, the fold of the Delta Force Paintball home page was custom designed to appeal to visitors. The area displays contact details and tabs which showcase that the likes of kids paintballing is available as well as showcasing that there are different Delta Force locations around the country. Potential customers gain this potential element as they can use either the tab or noticeable button to book with Delta Force. A link to an explanatory video is also available within the fold for ease of access. With all of the above available with little to no effort from the website visitor; they are enabled […]


One Month Until the GDPR

In a Nutshell: The upcoming GDPR will apply to all client and customer data that your business currently holds and will hold in any point of the future. This can include something as simple as their e-mail address and of course includes more personal and sensitive information such as credit and debit card details etc. There are two main aspects to this data. Firstly, the owners of it will explicitly have to ‘opt-in’ to receiving communication and marketing updates from you. The currently wide-used practice of ‘Please tick here if you do not wish to receive . . .’ will not be compliant anymore. Should they opt-in, they have to be informed […]


One Page Websites – Arguments For and Against

For: Right off the bat, one page websites are ideal for mobile devices as visitors from these devices simply have to scroll to see what they need instead of having to tap and zoom etc. One page websites also keep all of your website content in one place, therefore your branding will be quite evident and arguably quite strong as it is delivered together all in one place. The sequence in which you want your visitors to interact with your content can be set on one page websites. As visitors will obviously have to scroll from the top of the bottom of the page; position what you want them to see first […]


Using Content and Design to Sell Products Online

High quality imagery should be your first port of call when looking to sell products online. Focus on showcasing both the aesthetic and functional features of products by having images which are clear and display different angles of products. For each image that you use, make sure that the relevant alt text (this should match the keywords / terms that you are targeting) is added. Videos are also useful here to show a product in use and to zoom in on specific features that may be worth highlighting. To minimise the lag on loading times that many high quality images can cause; consider compressing them using lossless compression to retain the high […]


The Webheads Website User Experience Explained (Part Two)

In part one (click / tap here to read), we touched upon the elements of usefulness, usability and desirability in terms of the website user experience. Here we examine findability, accessibility and credibility. Findability The content of your website needs to be findable both within your website and within search engines and search engine result pages (SERP) such as Google. Within your website, this can include the use of navigational menus and sitemaps. As our team excel in custom website design, your menu for example can be positioned anywhere you would like on your webpages as opposed to traditionally being placed in the header area. Take a look at the menu we […]


Not HTTPS? Say Goodbye to Some Traffic

Think of your own mindset when you browse the web. If you were to enter a website and see the words ‘not secure’ pop-up from Google, would you be likely to stay on the site? With the abundance of hackers and viruses online, you may prefer to leave the website and find an alternative more secure website. eCommerce websites will suffer badly here as one cannot imagine many people willing to part with debit and credit card details on a site that is emblazoned with the words ‘not secure’. Due to this update which is due to go live in July 2018 and known as ‘Chrome 68’; it really is imperative that […]


The Webheads Website User Experience (UX) Explained

Usefulness Each and every website on the internet is built and designed for a particular purpose. This is always at the forefront of our user experience design ethos when we create and design a custom website. After liaising with a client and agreeing on the brief for the project, we confirm the main purpose of the website. So for a new clothing company based purely online with no bricks-and-mortar store, their website exists to make sales. In this instance the website has to derive its usefulness in being an effective online shop. With custom website design the sky is the limit. So by keeping the focus on the main uses and purpose […]