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Webheads / Portfolio / Delivering the Wow! factor for Exagen

Delivering the Wow! factor for Exagen

In our digital world, a company’s website is much more than a business card. It needs to captivate and engage. Be user-friendly, and innovative web design is more than just a want—it’s a necessity. So, when Exagen, a leading name in the renewables industry, required a website revamp that could “wow” their audience, they entrusted top London web agency, Webheads with the task.



To bring our vision to life, we collaborated with the talented team at Webheads. Their meticulous efforts in creating and combining cutting-edge animations into our online project exceeded our expectations and developed a one of kind website. Philip Toomey – Head of Marketing

Webheads Delivers Wow!

Webheads’ reputation as masters of the digital sphere preceded them. Known for their creative thinking, cutting-edge technology, and understanding of branding dynamics, we were the perfect fit for Exagen’s needs.

The primary objective was to inject a ‘Wow!’ factor into Exagen’s website, and Webheads surpassed this with their ground breaking designs and innovative features. Through the use of advanced JSap animations, they transformed the user experience into an interactive journey. These animations introduced a dynamic, visually striking layer to the website, engaging users and enticing them to explore deeper.

Rebranding and Copywriting Brilliance

Webheads also took the reins on rebranding and copywriting, working diligently to ensure Exagen’s identity was both potent and consistent. They dug deep to extract the essence of Exagen and seamlessly reflected this across the website.

The creative team at Webheads crafted compelling narratives, fine-tuned to resonate with Exagen’s audience. With every word, they weaved in Exagen’s brand identity, fostering a strong connection between the brand and its users.

The Power of WordPress

To ensure a seamless backend experience and flexibility, Webheads used WordPress for the site’s development. This powerful platform allowed them to build a robust, scalable, and easy-to-manage website. With its plethora of customization options, Webheads was able to design a site truly representative of Exagen, ensuring an experience as intuitive and user-friendly as it was visually stunning.

A Tailored SEO Campaign

A great website is only as good as its visibility. To ensure the new site reached the right eyes, Webheads implemented an SEO campaign meticulously tailored to Exagen’s needs. By optimizing the site’s content and structure for search engines, they ensured Exagen could effectively reach their target audience, boosting both visibility and engagement.

Phase 1 of the project has created a remarkable website that seamlessly merges functionality, aesthetics, and the ‘Wow!’ factor. We pushed boundaries, proving once again why they are the go-to agency for companies seeking more than just a website revamp. The result: a website that’s not just an information hub, but an immersive brand experience.

The new Exagen website is a source of great pride for us. The webheads team has worked meticulously to design, build and infuse advanced GSAP animations into this web project, an endeavour that sets the bar for web design in the renewables sector.

Webheads would like to extend their gratitude to the Exagen team for their collaborative spirit and the opportunity to work on this exciting project. JM Littman – Webheads CEO

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