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"Adaptability, professional and committed to the project."

Colin Gorrie – PS Project Manager - CISCO

Poor user experiences cost companies millions every year.

Creating successful and profitable digital products is hard, 90% of businesses fail and 60% of those fold because they built something that nobody wants. The risks are high and the big questions stack up fast…

Our tried and tested UX strategy de-risks your venture and puts your users’ experience at the heart of your product.

What is UX design?

UX (user experience) encompasses many elements and affects the smallest startup to the largest corporations, but the key takeaways for every business are:

UX is the thinking behind a design, not just how it looks but how and why it works.

Good user experience design takes your audience and puts their needs at the centre of your product, ensuring that your product grows with them. Ensuring a great user experience drives your product forward and keeps it on the right path.

Focussing on usability constantly provides the answers to questions like; why are we doing this and should we be? Does our audience want this, do they need it? And does this fit with our business objectives?

A true understanding of your audience and a structured UX approach provides the frame work to successfully build the smallest app or scale the largest enterprise solution for the right audience.

Great UX pays for itself

IBM states for every £1 invested into product UX, you should expect a return of between £10 and £100. Is your company leveraging user experience and design thinking to increase revenue?

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"The guys at Webheads took the time to fully understand our requirements for the site rebuild, the product and it’s target market in order to ensure the final product was of the highest quality."

Louis Johnson, SVP Global Marketing at The Leisure Pass Group

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That sounds great! But how would you bring UX into my next project?

By creating an efficient feedback loop within your business that includes your customers, we can Learn what’s best, Build the product, Measure how we’ve done and know without question what needs to change before repeating the process. This iterative cycle enables us to constantly refine and adapt as your product grows.

...and there’s a lot more UX can do for you

Idea and audience validation - Validate your idea and uncover your audience before building your product.

Personas - Put a face to the name. Deeply understand who your audience really is and how to find them.

User journeys - Visualise and refine how your customer will use your product before any code is written.

Wireframe design - Build a blueprint of your project before spending time and money on designers.

Prototype creation - Create and refine a working prototype of your product to test the core concept.

Stunning User Interface design (UI) - Realize your project as you dreamt it, looking amazing with pixel perfect design.

Interaction design - User centered design enables you to improve every detail, down to the smallest interaction a user has within your product.

Qualitative user testing sessions - Uncover what your users think of your product at every stage with usability testing.

Quantitative research - through A/B testing and in app event tracking - Tackle any problems areas with numerical data and usable statistics.

UX workshops - Learn how to apply UX best practices to other areas of your business.

UX audits on existing products - Uncover urgent usability weaknesses and increase conversion fast.

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