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Kerong Lee - Web agency
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Kerong Li Racing

While we are a leading London web agency, the Webheads team are also petrolheads at heart and love when we have the opportunity to work with  in the world of motorsport. So of course we were delighted to work with one of the top Chinese and international racing drivers, Kerong Li as he was seeking a bespoke website to represent himself professionally online.


“I had an exceptional experience working with Webheads! The team are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs. They’ve created a fantastic looking and winning website and will definitely be returning for future projects.” Kerong Lee.

Li’s passion for motorsport inspired our team to create a bespoke WordPress website that not only showcased his achievements but also reflected his creative personality. We designed the ‘Bio’ section to highlight his journey in detail, along with key statistics and responsive tabs. Full-screen imagery of Kerong in action brought his track prowess to life. We also included a ‘Gallery’ and ‘News’ section to keep visitors up to date with his latest achievements, making the website a dynamic portfolio for his career.

With our extensive experience in designing bespoke websites for the motorsport industry, including for top brands like Lewis Hamilton, Daytona Motorsport, Ram Racing, and Sport21, we understand the importance of creating a visually appealing and functional online presence. We focused on creating a consistent visual theme that aligned with Li’s branding, using a greyscale color scheme with bold accents of red and white, reflecting the design of his logo. As competition in motorsport is fierce, we were proud to create a website that allowed this young and talented driver to stand out both on and off the track. We think this is one if not the best racing driver website on the web!

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