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How to Fix Your data-vocabulary.org in April 2020

What does this mean for you as the owner and / or manager of a business website? Pages which do not update their structured data to reflect this change may find themselves receiving less traffic and organic traction and visibility overall. As such, here we lay out and explain the steps so that you can fix this yourself from the backend of your website. If you are having trouble with this or simply do not know how to do it, please contact us here at Webheads and we can help and action this for you. To start, test your pages with Google’s structured data testing tool – click / tap here to […]


Webheas at Dubai 24h 2020

The Hankook Dubai24H is held on one of the most modern and challenging tracks in the world and attracts a huge global audience both in person and those streaming and watching on their devices too. We here at Webheads were glad to be able to help with sponsorship of the Dubai 24h 2020 worldwide event, with our logo appearing on not one but two of the biggest motor manufacturers and car brands in the world. Both Audi and Mercedes cars featured the distinctive Webheads logo racing around the track – a great sight to behold and a testament to the growth and reach of our team. Of course now as we know […]


Honour and Morals in Business

We here at Webheads are an honest and hardworking agency who believe in honour and morals in business. This is one of the main reasons that we have been in business for over twenty years. Many digital agencies have come and gone for many different reasons; but we have remained grounded in the winds of change and have grown bigger and better since we began. Yet another reason is our stellar communication with clients. Naturally making use of a ‘straight up’ method of communication, we are open and available for our clients at all stages during their custom website design builds (or whatever project we are chosen for) and take the time […]


Long Live Full Stack – Why We Don’t Use Drupal

Client-Focused With decades of experience in the custom website design and the online agency world, the Webheads team are adept at designing and deploying websites with multiple different software packages. However we always keep in mind the full client journey with our work and consider what the end user of the website backend will be able to do in terms of ongoing website management after their custom website is live. In this regard, we have found that Drupal is too complex and rigid for those with no / little knowledge of website backends (even after being given training and a handover). It seriously lacks in basic user friendliness – especially compared to […]


2019 Year in Review

Custom Website Design Known as a leading London web agency who designs and deploys custom websites both on time and on budget; businesses from all sectors seek us out for these expert services. Looking back at the 2019 year in review, this year saw EAW (acoustic speaker technology) get a slick and speedy website designed by us to showcase their industry-leading acoustic technology that is used in stadiums all around the world and even in the Vatican. Kinetix Nutrition choose us to help them stand out in the competitive market of health and nutritional supplements and information. We turbocharged their online presence with on-brand graphics, an expert UX and a responsive website […]


Pantone’s 2020 Colour and Website Design

To begin, ‘Classic Blue’ instantly denotes a tone of being perfectly plain, traditional and (like the name suggests) classic. This brings with it a sense of comfort, familiarity and calm. Especially compared to the more vibrant (and arguably controversial) Pantone colour of 2019 which was ‘Living Coral’. But in the vein of website design, shades of blue are hugely prevalent throughout already. Take for example how most links within text are presented – in a classic blue colour (that turns purple) after you click on them. Even our very own logo incorporates a shade of blue. Such is the universal appeal of this primary colour that it can seamlessly work in a […]


Your 2020 Website Checklist

Mobile First Arguably gone are the days where ‘mobile responsive’ was the buzz word surrounding website design. Now it is all about mobile first – meaning that websites should ideally be designed with the mobile user first and foremost in mind. The metrics and studies compound these conclusions, with recurring reports consistently showing that websites are accessed the majority of the time on mobile devices. So as part of your 2020 website checklist, make sure that your website is designed with this mobile focused mentality and not simply tweaked to simply ‘work’ on mobile devices. Rather, it should be made for them. Webheads can help with our custom website design services that […]


Exploring UX with Facebook

Designed to make using Facebook both simpler and faster, it presents the user with a more slick-looking and spacious interface that looks more in line with it’s Messenger app. Updated navigational features are also part of the refresh – with certain icons redesigned and buttons and tabs moved to new places for ease of use. While the core functionality of Facebook remains the same; their refreshed design takes into account modern UX trends and practices in order to be attuned to their mobile first audience and to remain in line with user expectations in terms of their experience and journey when using Facebook. As you can see with the image above, there […]


Application Programme Interfacting (API) Work at Webheads

Like the name suggests, application programme interfacing (API) works by bringing in an external element and linking it to your website in a truly seamless and effective interface. For example, we have worked with the likes of the Eiffel Tower and Harry Potter studio tours to implement a ticket purchasing system which integrates booking software onto their websites. This links up with their availability calendars and also brings in the likes of package deals, different pricing structures per age or day etc. and even special offers and VIP options to offer website visitors a range of options. In tandem with this, it can also block off days and adapt as needed to […]


Celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s Six-Time F1 Championship Win

First let us start by congratulating Lewis Hamilton himself on this simply amazing achievement which makes him one of the most successful racing stars in history. A shining example of a British sports star on the world stage, we also feel a sense of community pride as he was born and bred in Hertfordshire as we were too! Over the course of his glittering career, which shows no signs of slowing down, he has acted as a shining beacon of British sportsmanship all around the world. Now with earning his sixth Formula 1 world championship title, he continues to inspire the current and next generation of motorsport athletes. We here at Webheads […]