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Team up With Webheads

We here at Webheads have the ability to combine branding, interactive web development, UX and so much more to deliver next level websites to businesses of any size. With a wealth of experience in UX we have a robust user-centric approach towards website design combining data and creativity into one. A key reason why you should team up with Webheads is because we here at Webheads believe that we are at the forefront of UX design. successful and profitable digital products can be hard work and can take up a lot of time. Due to this many businesses are losing out of key growth stages of their business. We are confident that […]


Web VS Design Agency – Which should you choose?

A web agency will be able to offer a full range of services to your business including technical skills, business understanding, UX and interface design along with general website maintenance and more. A web agency should simply work as an extension of your overall team ensuring that your website is fully optimised warranting a seamless and satisfactory experience for your customers. Your business may be reaching a key stage of growth where it may require the expertise of a web agency to drive forward the digital functionality of your business.With web design vs design agency – which should you choose for optimal results? With a further focus on web vs design agency […]


What does a Web Agency Do?

In greater detail a web agency is composed of creative designers and specialists who are experts in building, composing and optimising websites or web pages for businesses. Web designers have a wealth of skills where they handle the look, feel, optimisation and over all functionality of web pages whether it’s for a brand new business website, a website redesign for a long lasting organisation or even the smallest of projects. We here at Webheads offer over twenty years of experience in the web design industry providing common services such as user experience and user interface, design, image creation, web hosting, web storage and more. Understanding what does a web agency do is […]


Top Examples of API Integrations

We here at Webheads have become known for our expert and seamless API work and as such have some top examples of API integrations that we have completed for many global clients. Our latest API work was completed for Adelya which is a loyalty card and points programme. As they work with many brands and vendors, it is imperative that different softwares can seamlessly integrate with their own softwares and website. So when it came to integrating the travel card for Cape Town Pass with Adelya, it was Webheads to the rescue. Ventra is another of the top examples of API Integrations which we carried out. This is where we had to […]


Why Outsource Your Web Development to an Agency?

Simply put, outsourcing your web development will benefit your business in many ways. You will cut costs, reduce time to market and you will also have direct access to some of the most experienced web design, online branding and IT specialists around. We here at Webheads have over twenty years of experience in the web agency sector and we are passionate about delivering only the latest and greatest results to our clients (always on time and on budget). Experience is a key driver that answers the question of why outsource your web development to an agency? At Webheads our highly experienced team have worked together on a number of complex and unique […]


Why is Web Design so Important in 2021?

Due to the fact that we use our smart devices to not only find out what we need to know, but also to complete so many tasks and actions; web design is so important as it factors in to everything we do online. So as a business owner, your business website is a part of this structure and therefore needs to be attuned with it to bring the best results. Webheads are a leading London web agency and we have been helping our clients to achieve this with their websites for well over twenty years. Here are a few of factors to consider . . . Ease of Use (UX) As we […]


Improving Your Digital Presence

Checking the citations on your website is important because they mean quite a lot to Google when they rank your website in their search engine. Your citations are also very important for online users that may be local and could be browsing for the exact service you offer. If you want to know a bit more in depth about how your customers really use your website, you can install a free heatmap tool to help you do so. This software generates images of your website highlighting exactly where customers click and also where they avoid. This is a great tool for improving your digital presence as it can be helpful to find […]


The Importance of Website Design

Your website navigation is one of the most important elements of your website design so how this is designed around your brand message is critical. We here at Webheads take the look and feel of our clients websites very seriously and currently we have a fondness around the fresh and contemporary trend with a professional touch. Simplicity and clarity are also usually a big part of our projects as we believe that all functions need to be kept simple, clear and easy for your customers to use. Due to the importance of website design all navigations need to guarantee a logical journey for the user. Website accessibility is one of the main […]


Cybersecurity Trends of 2021

One of the biggest cybersecurity trends of 2021 would be none other than the steep increase of ransomware attacks. Monetisation is now the driving factor that is contributing to the rise in these attacks. In the past it was more difficult for hackers to profit from these attacks however since the rise of cryptocurrencies this has made it a lot easier for someone to commit a crime and get away with it due to getting paid without a trace. Many businesses have implemented cloud based computing services as it enables users to access a wide range of software application, data storage and more simply through an internet connection. Although this is a […]


Visualisation Trends of 2021

Real time visualisation is a fast-growing trend as we live in a fast paced “always-on” world with smartphones, IoT and other smart devices that continually function in real time. Real time data is the driver that allows organisations to act quickly and we here at Webheads have the capabilities to ensure that your website design is using this data most efficiently for your business needs. Another popular trend that falls under visualisation trends of 2021 would be mobile friendly visualisations as so many people are now reading articles, researching and working from their mobile devices. With this percentage constantly growing mobile friendly data visualisations become essential. From embedding your visualisations into internal […]



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