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Bespoke Livery Design

As a team of petrolheads at heart, we are really excited by being able to offer this service to indulge our passions of both motorsport and design. As we are immersed in the racing world (having worked with the likes of Daytona, Lewis Hamilton, Lotus & Catherham F1, Mission Motorsport and more); we understand the need for bespoke livery design in this day and age. After all, not only does it add a distinct and memorable edge to the vehicles themselves; it also assists in the areas of business and sponsorship in terms of enhancing the visual impact for the likes of logos and slogans etc. Our design team understand the parameters […]


Increased Return on Investment Website Design

Conscious Clickbait While we would never advocate misinformation or the dreaded ‘clickbait’, you do want your website to be designed to entice and attract visitors to click / tap to explore more and ultimately convert. Action words can really help here ‘Discover’ and ‘Act Now’ etc. as can a more personalised tone of voice by saying the likes of ‘your’ instead of ‘our’ etc. Analytics can shine a light onto what pages have the biggest bounce rate or less time spent on them – signalling the need for this approach. Goal-Orientated Content One of the strongest ways to attract return on investment is making sure that your website content is deployed with […]


Happy 30th Birthday to the Web

Today (12th of March 2019) marks 30 years since the internet was invented. We can’t comprehend how life would be without it. What once started as an information exchange (and arguably this remains the core of the internet – even today); has evolved into an integral part of our lives that is capable of fulfilling a myriad of needs. Webheads have existed for the majority of this time, being twenty-five years young. In this time, many other website designers have come and gone. Yet we remain as a leading web agency who has survived and thrived, going from strength to strength and always looking forward. Our custom website designs have been deployed […]


Webheads at 25 – 1995

The Internet in 1995 Still in its infancy, with the birth of the internet being 1994, the internet landscape was vastly different to what we know today. Putting this into perspective, internet was accessed using dial-up and e-mail addresses looked something like this: 1006477.328@compuserve.com. Regardless of this basic state, our innovative skills were at work for clients as we custom designed and deployed their website designs. Completed and launched in 1995, the design for the Kidsons Impey website design brought accounting and business advisory services online to reach all across the UK. Even in the early days of the internet and website design, JM knew to incorporate a powerful mixture of images, […]


Webheads at 25 – 1994

The Internet in 1994 The birth of the internet is popularly referred to as really coming into form back in 1994. To put things into perspective, the main search engine in 1994 was called Webcrawler (arguably the blueprint for modern search engines today). Yahoo! launched its web directory and relied on other providers for a search engine until it launched its own in 2002. Microsoft’s website mainly consisted of a single page that took quite a while to load properly because it contained an image. Let’s not forget too that wi-fi as we know it was a far off concept. The internet was accessed with dial-up telecom modems at 9600 bps! A […]


Fit and Functional Website Design

For this blog post, we will take a look at one of our most recent fit and functional website design projects which was for Kinetix Nutrition. This brand sells natural nutritional supplements online and also boasts a brilliant knowledge vault of content that is brimming with training and nutrition tips. For their website, they required a slick and responsive design that could cater to these two content pillars while implementing an easy to use checkout. By keeping the Kinetix branding at the forefront, their branding was positioned alongside these positive attributes to foster both positive connotations and conversions. In order to be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices, we implemented a […]


Three Ways to Reach a Global Audience

Once you have an internet connection, you can virtually reach almost every place in the world. So when it comes to selling your products and services to a global audience, your website needs to be poised and primed to convert regardless of country. Here are three ways to help this happen. Translation As expected, having your website available in different languages is paramount here. This means that people can browse it in their native language to understand what you are selling (and how you are selling it). It also shows consideration for those around the world as you open up your website and your content too. As you can imagine, people are […]


Five Signs of an Expert Website Designer

Responsive Website Design Your website needs to be built to be responsive. This means that it performs perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. Due to this, regardless of where your potential customers interact with your business website, they are guaranteed a slick and seamless experience to usher them down the sales funnel to convert into a customer of yours. Search Engine Optimised Website To give your business website the best chance to make an impact online and remain visible, it needs to be search engine optimised (SEO). More professional and expert website designers should include at least a basic level of SEO as part of your website design. This ensures that […]


Help Your SEO With Images

Keyword Density in Image Alt Text For each of your webpages and blog posts, you should have a keyword / term assigned to it to help your SEO score. This helps to inform Google as to what this content is about. So if you run an art supplies website and have a webpage just for watercolour paints, the key term assigned to this website may be ‘buy watercolour paints online’. When it comes to the images on this webpage then, the alt text should include this term ‘buy watercolour paints online’. In tandem with this keyword being used in the webpage copy and URL etc., having it in the alt text of […]


2019 Website Design Trends

Shapes – Organic and Geometric Both geometric and organic shapes are poised to become much more popular as part of 2019 website design trends. Moving away from the more fluid and sleek shapes that were widespread in 2018, more familiar (organic) and striking (geometric) shapes can be seen as a disruptive design choice to attract attention and draw the eye towards certain content blocks and parts of your website design. The use of shapes such as these offer a versatile and cohesive approach as they can be crafted and curated to complement, rather than distract from, your custom website design. Font – Standard and Bold Last year saw a type of standardisation […]