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Google’s Core Web Vitals Explained

Core Web Vitals are important to Google as these are real world experience rhythms or metrics that measure user experience such as website speed, how seamless interactions are throughout web pages, how stable an internet page is up to a certain speed and so on. As Google has a growing volume of ranking signals, it can be argued that the impact of another signal isn’t too significant. However if your website is relatively new or is currently not getting much traffic, the Core Web Vitals ranking factors could be the one to make all the difference. An example here would be if you were in a competitive market competing for the competitive […]


Website Image Sliders Explained

Scrolling Cues This is one style we have all come across at one time or another. This is a feature that keeps the user engaged and works to support a solid understanding of what each website is all about. Many of these types of website image sliders are encompassed with directional arrows or dots to encourage the user to scroll between the images. This helps them to not skip over anything and can direct them back to something they have an interest in, keeping them interested for longer and cueing other elements that might be of even greater interest. Split Screen Another popular trend in the generation of website images sliders is […]


New Web Design Trends for 2020

Underlining and Text Highlights One of the current web design trends is underlines and text highlights. Usually less is always more and plain font styles have always been the way to go. Bold text occasionally worked around certain contexts, however ‘funky fonts’ were usually avoided due to the rise and rise of minimalism in web design. Nonetheless, in more recent times websites are becoming a lot more advanced with exceptional user experience (UX) and virtual reality transitions; resulting in greater design trends with plenty of contrasts that are a better fit for highlighted elements and underlining. The Zappos Kids website for example demonstrates this perfectly as they have a range of highlighted […]


Bar and Restaurant Website Design

In order to survive in this new normal, bars and restaurants can no longer rely on their basic website or Facebook page that would usually suffice when keeping in touch with their customers, notifying them of new changes or additions to their menu. They now need support from web designers more than ever to achieve a seamless digital transformation and more modern and sophisticated capabilities that will help them operate internally. That is why we here at Webheads are proud to offer dedicated bar and restaurant website design. Some innovative new ways of operating in these premises have already implemented and would include the likes of cloud-based management and display systems. This […]


How Online Shopping has Changed in 2020

With many retail outlets still closed (or lacking the full shopping experience due to social distancing measures) this has placed immense pressure on retailers to become more innovative online than ever before. In comparison to last year, some reports show that online sales grew as much as 150% in March and April alone. We have seen many rapid retail trends take place over the beginning of 2020 such as the stockpiling of household items like toilet paper and a massive spike in the demand for the likes of hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks / coverings. Although these peaks have now troughed somewhat, with the virus very much still an issue; many […]


How to Get More People Watching Your Videos

Although video is very inviting and makes for interesting content, it is important to ensure that your video is entirely accessible (which is key to getting more people to watch your videos). There are many different practices you can apply to do just that, such as following video accessibility best practices when creating your videos and also by using an accessible video player at all times. Video Accessibility Best Practices Some important practices to follow when applying video accessibilities is to be sure to disable your audio-play and loop. There is nothing more irritating for users when an audio immediately starts playing when viewing a website. If someone visits your website in […]


Website Six Month Review 2020

While the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) shows no signs of slowing down, we have managed to buck the trend and have taken on new projects in recent weeks and months. This is testament to Webheads as a leading London web agency who specialise in custom website design. Not only do we offer an expert level of service, we can also guarantee both on time and on budget work for your business and brand. As such, clients choose us time and time again (see our sprawling portfolio here) to turbocharge their online presence and to drive sales to their business. One of our most recently completed projects is for London Live TV – […]


Choice Paralysis in Website Design

As stated above, choice paralysis in website design can occur when the visitor is presented with too many options at once. Perhaps they have come to your website to learn more about your company and are simply looking for the ‘About Us’ page – but your website header (or hamburger menu) is cluttered full of options like ‘Our Story’, ‘Our Vision’, ‘Our Mission’ etc. While all of these can technically explain more about you and what you do, they actually present the website visitor with a confusing set of options that are ultimately unhelpful in their search. So it is very common in this situation that they in fact don’t select an […]


The Pros and Cons of TikTok for Business

Pros of TikTok for Business The most obvious pro with something that is ‘trending’ is that your brand and business can be a part of something that (in this case an app) is being used and interacted with by large volumes of traffic. With this, your business name has the potential to be seen by more people – therefore gaining more exposure in the process. The nature of the app itself lends itself well to more informal and behind-the-scenes content, good for showcasing a playful and less sales-focused angle to your content. This gives you scope to introduce your team members in a more personal way for example and to give a […]


The Perfect Recipe to an eCommerce Website

User Experience (UX) We keep going on about the user experience of a website and we do this for good reason. User experience (UX) refers to how a visitor to your website enjoys using it and is able to fulfil their need(s) while using it. But it is not enough to have the content that they are looking for simply ‘on’ your website; they should instead be easily guided to it in a comfortable and natural way. A sales funnel is a good comparison to this. It would begin by attracting a potential customer to your eCommerce website and once they are there, the design, feel and flow of the website should […]