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The Usability Aspect of Googles Core Web Vitals

As we take a look at the usability aspect of Googles Core Web Vitals, FID on any web page is the time from when a user interacts with your page until the page can respond. FID can be thought of as usability, responsiveness or interactivity although it does not include zoom or scroll. Some common FID interactions would be inputting text into a blank field, clicking a checkbox, selecting a drop down menu or clicking on a button or link. The usability aspect of Googles Core Web Vitals FID metric cannot be simulated in a lab environment and only a real user interaction will measure the accurate response delay. That being said […]


Key Aspects of the Google Core Web Vital Update

The Google Core Web Vitals are designed to set specific factors that Google consider important for the overall experience of any webpage. These vitals are made up of three specific page speed and user interaction measurements known as cumulative layout shift, largest contentful paint and first input delay. Together these components will produce a page experience score which is Google’s way of telling you how strong your overall UX currently is. As we look at the key aspects of the Google Core Web Vital update, the largest contentful paint (LCP) is the speed element that identifies how long it takes a page to load form clicking on a link to seeing the […]


The Importance of Web Branding

We here at Webheads are passionate about building the right web branding strategy for you and your business, we are passionate about the importance of web branding. Our first port of call is to sit down with a key group of people on our growing team to learn about your brand story and the future goals you wish to achieve. We love to hear all about your brand stories from the past and also the future ambitions. Form here this will allow us to create a strong web branding strategy that will drive results for your business online. The importance of web branding is predominately down to brand recognition. With recognition comes […]


Latest SEO Trends of 2021

If you are currently reconsidering your digital marketing strategy for the remainder of 2021, this should include video. It is anticipated that online video will generate up to 80% of all online traffic with over one billion users on YouTube. So if video wasn’t on your radar now, this is something to consider. As we all love some clever informative video clips, embedding video into your website content should dramatically reduce your bounce rate. Google will also use the title, description and tags of your optimised video to learn what your video (and by extension your website) is all about. The latest SEO trends of 2021 also include content that satisfies the […]


Why Webheads are a Top Web Agency

In order to outshine your competition every time, you need a state-of-the-art website design to do just that. We here at Webheads have over twenty-six years of experience and industry knowledge that will guarantee you a website design that will attract more visitors and convert them into customers. At Webheads we believe in a robust and bespoke design for each of our clients to ensure your site is maximising on its fullest potential. Although search engine optimisation (SEO) can tend to be a tricky element within digital marketing, at Webheads we work hard as a team to make sure that your unique SEO owill achieve high rankings across all the popular search […]


What is Web Branding?

This has a lot more to it than colours and aesthetics. Your website branding must radiate your brand and represent what you’re really about, almost becoming a natural extension of the DNA of your brand. A strong web branding strategy will attract your customers while allowing you to keep up with the ever changing marketing trends. We here at Webheads are passionate about getting to know the story behind your brand and the ambitions for the future to allow us to build a strong message within your web branding. When we look deeper into what is web branding, the importance of reliability comes to the forefront. A key trait that brands must […]


What’s the best CMS platform for eCommerce?

Why is choosing the right CMS important? Although there are a wide range of CMS platforms available, it is key that you choose the best fit and best CMS platform for you and your business. Instead of spending time and resources creating your own webpages and other functions, a CMS can handle all the basic infrastructure so you can focus on other important areas of your business. With so many of us leaning on the internet more and more in our everyday lives from buying to selling to working and browsing; it is paramount that you choose the best CMS platform for eCommerce. This will guarantee a seamless experience for the user […]


Benefits of Investing in Cyber Security

The covid-19 pandemic has changed how we do many things with one of the biggest changes being that almost every business now has remote working employees. Some benefits of investing in cyber security provides businesses with digital protection against potential security threats. A cyber-attack can bring any organisation to its knees instantly and we here at Webheads want to make sure that you are protected at all times. It would appear that cyber-attacks will always be a potential threat to conted with, so investing in your employees and helping them upskill through cyber incident response training will allow them to enhance their overall knowledge around cyber security. By doing so this, this […]


Reasons to choose an Experienced London Web Agency

Your website is like a 24/7 sales and marketing machine and must be optimised in line with your digital strategy in order to maximise your return on investment. An important reason to choose an experienced agency is simply down to the range of their latest offerings and insights. We here at Webheads have over 20 years of professional experience where we provide a full range of website design and digital media services. From the latest eCommerce solutions to search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media, we have spent a lot of time becoming one of the best in London. Other key reasons to choose an experienced London web agency for your business […]


Why is Web Design and UX so Important in 2021?

What is UX? User experience (UX) design is the creation of digital products that offer seamless interaction and are intuitive and easy to use. At it’s core, it is all about enhancing the users online experience ensuring that they are finding value in what you are providing. A UX designer acts as an advocate for the end user of any digital product (such as a website). Some key areas of focus within UX include user research, visual design, quality content, information architecture and branding for example. Some key UX tips to consider ahead of any digital design would be to keep clear and simple navigation ideas at the forefront of your design. […]