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Webheads brings nearly 30 years of experience to web hosting in London

Having a website is an essential way to generate online traffic and grow your business revenue. However, there’s more to a website than simply setting one up and leaving it sitting there in the background. Many businesses who do this soon find out that poor website functionality, web hosting and bad user experience can hinder their online performance. Besides having a good web design and strong SEO; another factor that determines the success of your website is hosting. This doesn’t mean just purchasing a domain name! You need to actively update and monitor your website hosting. That’s why partnering with a reliable web hosting agency can really benefit your business in the […]


3 PPC Campaign Hacks your Business Needs to Know

A PPC campaign (pay-per-click) is a very effective way of promoting your brand online, helping you to get more visitors and conversions through your website. Unlike other forms of paid advertising, PPC works just like its sounds. Every time someone clicks on your advert and visits your company website; you pay a small fee. Although this seems cost-effective, when done incorrectly it can start to add up and all for very little return. Why? PPC campaigns need to be constantly monitored, analysed and adjusted to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment for your money. If you’re struggling to make good ROI from your ads, take a look at these 3 […]


Why choose Webheads for your intranet or extranet design?

Some businesses use their corporate intranet/extranets to promote internal communication whereas some place their intranet at the very heart of every internal process in their company. It doesn’t matter how big or small your extranet or intranet is, but there is no doubt that they can revolutionise many aspects of your company life. What’s an intranet? An intranet is an internal (and private) network that businesses use to enable employees to share information, improve communications and collaborate together. It’s essentially like a company’s own private website – with the same structure and network protocols that the internet has. The main difference is that it is protected from unauthorised users by a firewall. […]


Tilda Websites (CMS) and Russian Sanctions

Not just this, but with the current political situation – many people are choosing to boycott Russian owned companies and brands (including Tilda websites). The knock-on effect of this could mean that your website (built with a Russian-owned CMS) will lose traffic and therefore conversions and sales as a result. So if you currently have a Tilda website and use their CMS, here is what we recommend to safeguard your website and it’s content. Backup your website Take a backup of your Tilda websites as soon as possible so that you have the most up to date copy of your website and all of the content on it. In this way if […]


4 Web Branding Tips That Will Improve Brand Awareness

Web branding is no different from any other form of branding. You still want to create and keep a consistent brand experience for all of your customers (and potential customers) through design. Whatever website you visit will always have some form of branding implemented in its design as a way to draw in new and old audiences. To achieve maximum brand awareness and engagement, you need to create an enjoyable experience for your website’s visitors. But if you’re not up to scratch with web branding and design, how can you achieve this? Don’t worry, we’ve put together 4 web branding tips for you to implement on your company website for optimal brand […]


What is the metaverse and why should your business care?

But that announcement also left a lot of people confused as to what he was talking about. What is the metaverse and why are so many businesses, brands and influencers embracing this virtual world? If you’re wondering why it’s time to start taking the metaverse seriously from a business point of view, we’re here to explain why. What exactly is the metaverse? The term metaverse actually comes from a 90’s science fiction book called Snow Crash, where people used avatars in virtual reality to interact with one another. In reality, people have all sorts of terms to describe it – but ultimately it is a completely virtual world where users can live […]


3 Simple SEO Hacks To Boost Your Website’s Search Rankings

Even though SEO processes are time-consuming and technical, there is no denying that they are an integral part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy. We’ve spoken before about why good copywriting and SEO is important for a website; but how do you actually go about implementing it? Here we have put together 3 simple SEO hacks that you can use to boost your website’s rankings in search engines below! Use these SEO Hacks To Boost Your Website! 1. Research and Implement Relevant Keywords A good keyword strategy is the foundation of successful SEO! Make sure you research what words and phrases your customers and potential buyers are typing into search engines and […]


Should your brand be using TikTok?

This has led to many businesses wondering whether their brand should be active on TikTok – as well as knowing what benefits it can bring. But let’s start with the basics, as many people are still quite unsure what TikTok is and how it works. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything in the blog below! What is TikTok? TikTok is a social media platform that is best known as the home of viral online dance videos and challenges. It lets users share short-form video content with others on the app, but these videos also tend to get reshared on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This app is fast becoming […]


Looking for a reliable CMS for your website? Choose Webheads!

What is a CMS and why do you need it? Wondering what advantages a Content Management System (CMS) can bring to a digital strategy? That is a question we often get asked a lot here at Webheads.  Why? We’ve found that a lot of our customer websites start off small with template-based systems and basic admin tools and while these work well initially, time passes and the website starts to grow, meaning more content is placed on the website. As a result, the challenges of maintaining all this build-up. This is where a CMS can help, as it enables you to add and edit the content of your website easily and efficiently, […]


Why work with Webheads for PPC?

Webheads are an award-winning London web agency with 26+ years of experience in digital marketing strategy and development for small and large companies everywhere. If you’re looking for a reliable agency to partner with for your brand’s PPC needs, look no further than us. What is PPC? Let’s start by explaining what PPC is and why it can be so valuable to your business. PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ and is basically a form of advertising on search engines like Google. Unlike other forms of traditional online advertising where you pay for page impressions, this form allows you to only pay each time someone clicks on your advert – hence ‘pay […]



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