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Celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s Six-Time F1 Championship Win

First let us start by congratulating Lewis Hamilton himself on this simply amazing achievement which makes him one of the most successful racing stars in history. A shining example of a British sports star on the world stage, we also feel a sense of community pride as he was born and bred in Hertfordshire as we were too! Over the course of his glittering career, which shows no signs of slowing down, he has acted as a shining beacon of British sportsmanship all around the world. Now with earning his sixth Formula 1 world championship title, he continues to inspire the current and next generation of motorsport athletes. We here at Webheads […]


Seo Practices Still Relevant in 2019

Page Loading Times This has a huge impact on SEO overall as site speed is seen as a majorly beneficial factor when it comes to offering website visitors a great user experience (UX) when they interact with your brand online. There are many ways to achieve this – such as by compressing images so that they are not large file sizes, limiting / optimising the amount of plugins in use and even considering the likes of a dedicated server to have your website safeguarded in a space unaffected by others. Google recognises websites with great site speeds (and even offers a tool to assess it) and due to this fact – along […]


Using Colours in Business Branding

Kinetix Nutrition Offering gym and nutritional supplements and a wealth of information and tips in their ‘Knowledge Vault’, the custom website design for Kinetix Nutrition required a constant element to bind each of these aspects together. Working with their logo, a grey tone was chosen to act both as a neutral and bridging colour for these elements; while also working to channel the steel and metal of gym equipment like weights and machines. As such, it served as a great example of using colours in business branding. With this, colour was used cleverly to serve a dual purpose of aligning the brand while also alluding to what space and industry the brand […]


The Instagram Creator Studio

Planning Your Posts Arguably one of the most useful features of the Instagram Creator Studio is the ability to schedule posts ahead of time (just like can be done on Facebook). Note however that it does not allow you to visually plan a series of posts in a calendar format like some software does. Rather you can plan individual posts as you need which is useful when planning a post to launch a sale or event etc. This frees up your time in that you don’t have to physically be using the app in order to keep fresh content being posted to it. To remove this task from your workload completely, get […]


The Blended Website

What is a blended website? This is a website that fully represents your brand and business in both the online and offline space. It blends all of the important elements together to display them on a singular website space that can be seen to encapsulate what you do. So for example, your social media feeds can integrate into the design to highlight your social content, outreach, following and more. Likewise immersive pictures and videos of your physical premises (or perhaps your factory / assembly line setup if you don’t have one) gives room for your physical space to also be represented. What are the benefits? The benefits of a blended website are […]


iPhone 11 Website Updates

When we design your custom website, never using a theme or template, we do so in a way that is mobile responsive. This means that the single stunning design will work properly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets while also working on desktop computers and laptops. This is important because it means that regardless of how a potential customer comes to visit your website, they are greeted with a website, website experience and user experience (UX) that works for them and conveys the content and information that they are interested in. So will you need iPhone 11 website updates so that your website displays properly on these new devices? You […]


What’s Going on with Instagram?

‘Likes’ Visibility One of the biggest changes that has started to be rolled out to different countries around the world is that ‘likes’ are being hidden from viewers. So if you post a photo to the grid, you yourself can see how many likes your post received – but these will not be shown to anyone else. Instead, the post will display the name of one of your followers along with the words ‘and others’ to show publicly the amount of likes on a post. From a business perspective, this can affect the first impression of a page in that visitors will not be able to tell which are the most popular […]


3D Secure V2 Explained

In short, PSD2 introduces extra security protocols particularly when it comes to eCommerce transactions. With this is the proposal of new laws to bolster customer rights, to make the online marketplace more competitive (in an effort to increase fairness) and to foster a sense of innovation too. To bring these into place, from the 14th of September 2019 all eCommerce payments and transactions are to be processed by means of secured industry standard protocols – like 3D secure. How will this work from September the 14th onwards? Expect the likes of two-factor authentication to become more commonplace as transactions will require specific pieces of information to proceed in what is deemed as […]


Bykolles Sponsorship at Le Mans

In the last two weeks for example, we have taken over the Bykolles Instagram account and have increased their engagement by 158% while the account has also gained 35% more followers to date (organically of course). This is an important aspect for racing teams to remember because even though the high octane action happens on the track, it can live on forever when captured and uploaded online as content. As a leading London web agency almost thirty years young; our expert team manage and maintain their Instagram account to help spread the word about the team and their achievements and gain new fans and followers in the process. Webheads would like to […]


Budweiser’s Bud Pride Revolution

Becoming a sponsor of London pride this year, the Budweiser brand is due to have a big presence at the pride parade on the 6th of July 2019. With this, they have launched a website (Bud Pride) and designed nine different cups to highlight and represent different communities by the flags and colours they can be seen to be represented by. We worked with them and Revolt London to make a responsive and informative website design so that visitors can learn about each community in a simple and straightforward manner – backed by the colours of the cups contained within a slick and speedy slider. We are always very happy to support […]