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Magento EcommerceAs a leading London web agency, Webheads is adept at Magento development – regarded by many as the gold standard when it comes to eCommerce website design. Like with all of our work, your Magento website will be a fully custom design when you choose the specialist design and development team at Webheads. It will also be responsive for all device types (i.e. desktop and mobile) and be delivered both on time and on budget. Note too that we here at Webheads have also partnered with global payment gateway systems (such as Braintree) so we can also offer bespoke and customised payment solutions for your online business. So if you need a Magento website design (Magento 1 or 2), you can trust us as we are a leading web agency with almost thirty years of experience. Read on below to learn more about the possibilities of Magento with Webheads – including Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration.

Magento eCommerce Development
The beauty of Magento when it comes to developing an eCommerce website is that it is literally made to facilitate products to be sold online. It enables businesses to upload a catalogue of products that can be assigned individual prices, product attributes, stock quantities and more – meaning that the content management system (CMS) itself enables your business to have a premium selling presence online. Webheads empower this even further for you by turbocharging your Magento website with a custom design that looks and performs exactly how you want – filled with your beautiful branding and poised and primed to make sales for your business.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration        
With the release of Magento 2, many current Magento 1 websites need to update and migrate their content to the Magento 2 CMS as it is the premium for eCommerce websites now in 2019. As such, we offer this Magento migration service in a way that will retain your traffic and customers and bring them on a journey to a more modern and up-to-date system which arguably performs better in every way. It is also deemed to be safer and more secure (crucial when dealing with customer information and card details) as it is made with the most up-to-date plugins and patches etc.

Bespoke eCommerce Solutions               
While the technical details discussed above are of course of paramount importance; so too is the design of your website. This is because it needs to appear and perform attractively to entice new website visitors (potential customers) to interact with and ultimately purchase (convert) one or more products. The great thing about custom website design for eCommerce is that it can extend to both the aesthetics and the functionality of your website. So if you want to heavily feature a new product on your website homepage and enable a one click / tap option to purchase the product and checkout from here for example; this is a distinct possibility.


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