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Technical search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to a process whereby your website is optimised at a more technical level to help it perform and rank better organically on search engines. It crosses over with both on-page SEO and off-page SEO as a unique sub-section that can improve your SEO performance overall. Like the name suggests, it places a focus on the more technical aspect of your website to ensure that it is poised and primed to reach as many people as possible by appealing to how search engines crawl and rank your website. So ensuring that the likes of an XML sitemap is in place and that each element of the design is speedy and responsive are all positive contributing factors. Implementing a professional technical SEO strategy in this way adds an extra edge to your website – this being the very thing that can edge your website above the competition.

Bespoke Technical Website Audits
If you are unsure as to how adept your current technical SEO is (or you know that there is currently none in place), choose a Webheads bespoke technical website audit to discover exactly what needs to be done to improve. Our specialist SEO team will assess your website via both the front end and back end to ascertain where your website is falling down and where there is room for improvements. Did you know that Webheads is nearly thirty years young? We have seen it all in terms of SEO and can also advise you if you have any out of date or ineffective technical SEO points in place as part of this audit.

SEO Analysis for eCommerce Businesses            
As we know, online shopping is only on the rise and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down anytime soon. That is why we also offer SEO analysis for eCommerce businesses as a more niche offering for this sector. While overall SEO rules apply for any website, there are some extra keywords, terms, traits and technical points etc. that can benefit eCommerce businesses even further. Knowing this, choosing Webheads to carry out your analysis is a conscious choice for an expert and leading London web agency on your side to help turbocharge your business growth.

Integrated Technical SEO Development
Webheads only ever custom design websites, meaning that we never use pre-made themes and templates and instead create a custom and bespoke design for each and every client. As part of these designs we utilise integrated technical SEO development which means that as soon as they are launched, they are already optimised from a technical SEO point of view (and of course from an on-page and off-page perspective too). While other website designers and web agencies have come and gone, Webheads have gone from strength to strength moving forwards for almost thirty years and we bring this staying power to your business endeavours.


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