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Landing Pages Explained

What is a landing page? A landing page is your foundation and one of the most important elements of a well designed inbound strategy. Think of your it as a destination as it is where a visitor on your site arrives because they were attracted to your content, they want to sign up for your webinar, or maybe they want to engage with a salesperson. They usually include forms and your goal is to have such a compelling and enticing landing page that your visitor willingly fills out the form and provides you with their contact information in exchange for your content (guide, eBook, webinar, case study etc.) Your new lead is […]


eCommerce Websites Best Practices

These websites are suited to businesses with products to sell online and generally feature a shop front with categories and basket functions and much more features that make for an easy, friendly and fast shopping experience for users. Here we explore the eCommerce websites best practices for a successful revent stream for your business. eCommerce Websites Best Practices High-Quality Images: When it comes to these websites, we cannot stress how important it is to feature high-quality images. Your potential shoppers want to buy your product, but there are also many concerns they have with not being able to touch and smell and only being able to see the product based on content […]


Top 5 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

As a business owner with a website, you have a lot of competition to gain your audience’s attention in such a busy online space. Here we discuss the top 5 website design mistakes to avoid when creating and representing your brand online. There are many elements to consider, from the overall design strategy to the content and everything in between. But don’t let that scare you; after all, your website is an essential tool for communicating with your target audience and generating leads. Mistake 1 – avoid too much or too little content Content is king and so many business owners make mistakes regarding website content. It is essential to strike the […]


How do I Build Content for my Website?

With this, there is placed an importance on content and the need for assistance so that you can define the best content and how to build it for your website. For your website, you must create content that informs, educates and guides your audience towards your products or services. Below are examples of pages you may need on your website and some guidelines on the type of content to include on these pages. Home Page – This can also be known as the landing page because this is typically the first page that visitors land on when they visit your website. We suggest you keep your homepage easy to understand for your […]


How To Boost Your SEO Strategy for Content

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, can be a tricky digital marketing tactic because it works on the algorithm of the internet based on what people are searching. When done well it will help websites rank higher on search engines and therefore be more visible to audiences searching for particular topics, products and brands. In the world of SEO it is all about keywords, keywords and more keywords! Here we will discuss how you can use content to boost your SEO for your website and overall online strategy. Let’s begin to boost your SEO . . . Keywords – Complete keyword research and focus on long-tail keywords as well as shorter […]


Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile Apps Revolution?

These statistics show that mobile users don’t just find their devices convenient; they depend on them. Given the continued increase in dependence on mobile, it is critical to adapt business models to match key audience behaviour. If a large majority of your audience is mobile-first or mobile-only; your business should communicate with them based on their preference. We have seen a heightening in mobile applications in the entertainment and eCommerce category and even many small businesses understand the power of mobile apps. Here we will explore the mobile app revolution and what it means to a businesses like yours! Mobile Application Advantages Mobile apps can be developed with a wide range of […]


How Pay Per Click (PPC) Can Help Your Business

With billions of people online every day, it is no surprise that online advertising is becoming more and more popular than print advertising such as magazines, newspaper pages and large billboards. While print advertising is still useful, online advertising has some key advantages – such as allowing businesses to have more control over who sees the ads and also having more control over the budget. We believe that a targeted approach to advertising is a surer way to achieve a return on your investment and most importantly, be able to track activities that can help inform future advertising and marketing tactics. Where you can run PPC? Google is the most popular platform […]


5 Ways to Revamp Your Web Strategy

This is why our web strategy and consulting services are tailored to your business and the latest industry trends. This article will examine five ways you can revamp your web strategy. But before we do that, let’s explain web strategy and its importance. What is web strategy and why is it important? Web strategy can also be referred to as digital marketing as it pertains to all the areas of a business’s online presence and ensures that these areas work in line with the business’s goals; whether to increase sales or increase leads. Web strategy will cover areas such as custom website development and design, content management, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click […]


Outsourcing Your Website Hosting to a Web Agency

A simple way to describe web hosting is if the website was your house, then the web hosting is the piece of land that the house sits on. All websites on the internet need web hosting; otherwise it is just a business with a name and an address – but no one can find it! If you are thinking of outsourcing your website hosting to a web agency, learn below how many of our clients have enjoyed benefits which include: Better Security – website security is essential to avoid spam and hackers, which can be very damaging to the reputation and trustworthiness of a brand and businesses. In particular, security should be […]


Get Ready for Instagram’s Shift to Video Content

Originally launched in October 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity with one million registered users in two months; 10 million in a year and an 1 billion by June 2018. With the growing number of users, it did not take long for many business owners to realise that they needed to be on Instagram. Thanks to the momentum of sponsored posts, in August 2014 Instagram launched business profiles and has since launched many updates that help businesses develop their social media marketing, such as the ability to run ad campaigns, set up an online shop and gather user data. Instagram announced that they had 25 million business profiles in November 2017 and there […]