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Conversion Copywriting Tips

Search engines (like Google) use two alternative approaches when they are working to split valuable and high quality content from low quality content. High quality content should meet the EAT criteria – expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Other content should directly impact how a reader feels and should follow the YMYL criteria which is – your money or your life. By following these methods, your content will be more user-centric; so here are some conversion copywriting tips to achieve just that. An important tip is to spend time on the introduction. More so than ever, the human attention span is at an all-time low so it is essential for copywriters to include a […]


Reasons why your Website must be Responsive

It is relatively normal for people to prefer to scroll through websites that have greater user experience (UX). One of the obvious reasons why your website must be responsive is to ensure your site is viewed by a larger audience. The use of smartphone browsing has much surpassed desktops in recent years with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all switching to much more responsive platforms. As such, it can be argued that the marketing prospects of these social media networks cannot be ignored and it is important that your online platform too becomes extremely mobile friendly. Another surprising yet beneficial factor is that although developing and maintaining a website can […]


Benefits of Marketing Automation

The benefits of marketing automation can offer many tactical solutions, even if your business is not strongly rooted in technology or data. This software allows you to essentially carry out marketing hands-free, giving you ample time to focus more on your other business needs. Marketing automation has been proven to increase the return of investment for so many businesses, as it includes features such as running online advertisements, setting up e-mail campaigns, scheduling and publishing posts on social media and empowering lead generations to name a few. A key benefit of marketing automation is that is allows your brand to remain consistent for your customers. With planned automation in place, your customers […]


Future Digital Marketing Trends

People are spending more time than ever online and all types of business activities have been forced to operate remotely – transforming the internet into a global village almost. Influencer marketing has been a very impactful form of marketing as they have built up an audience of people who trust their opinion on products or services that they use. Their social media accounts allow hundreds of thousands of people to be reached through multiple platforms in an instant. As many of us are doing our best to support local, businesses are incorporating influencers into their marketing strategies now more than ever to create awareness about their brand, build trust and ensure they […]


Characters and Illustrations in Website Design

They also use images to tell the story behind their brand, such as stock imagery and real life photos that corresponds nicely with the story they are trying to deliver. This can work extremely well in the online environments that they are used in. That being said, the reason why we use illustrations and characters in website design more often these days is simply down to the fact that while real life photos narrate a story well; this style can lack when attempting to convey certain concepts. This can include ideas that are imaginary, abstract or intangible as sometimes words alone cannot be enough. Characters on the other hand play a strong […]


Use eCommerce to your Advantage

More so than ever, many people are turning to online shopping to satisfy their shopping needs. The latest shopping event which is on everyone’s mind is Christmas shopping and it has been predicted that the eCommerce industry will experience the highest level of demand it has ever seen. It is paramount for all businesses (big or small) to use eCommerce to your advantage to give your business the boost it needs throughout this period. By having a mobile-friendly website, this usually results in longer visits to your site as it can be easier for some to make a purchase from their smartphone. It a well known fact that a speedy and responsive […]


Create the Best Videos

The simple reason for this is that video content is so effective and engaging for the viewer. Videos are memorable and enjoyable and can transfer an abundance of information in just a few short seconds.  Firstly it is important to lock in what platform you are going to share your marketing videos on. YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform worldwide so this is always a good place to start. Other popular platforms that are suitable for video marketing content are Facebook and Instagram. As we know, if we are not to the point with video content – the viewer will lose interest in about thirty seconds. An important tip on […]


Promote Your Business Online

With millions of websites out there, it is a task in itself to crack the algorithms of popular search engines and social media platforms and to keep adjusting to their tune. Fortunately there are many savvy yet simple strategies to consider when promoting your business online. Although it may sound obvious, it is so important to take control of your brand as it can be a powerful tool when it comes to growing your client database. Be sure to work with reliable partners when building your brand, as you want to ensure that this decision will build a strong online reputation. Your brand must match with your products or services and where […]


2020 App Design Trends

A well-known trend that seems to be here to stay is personalisation. Although 2020 has been described by many as the year of bright, bold and interactive; customisation and personalisation features in your design is what will win you the download. With so many other amusements and distractions going on in the digital world, apps that are tailored to the specific needs of the user is what is essential. With the world of eCommerce taking the world by storm now more than ever, a successful site will incorporate a chat bot or a voice assistant into the design. Gone are the days where services are only available between the core hours of […]


The Importance of Alt Text

Web designers use them on images displayed on their client’s website that includes the HTML of the web page. An interesting part about alt texts is that they are not immediately visible and tend to go unnoticed by website users. The importance of alt text is its value to your search engine optimisation (SEO). Without including alt text with the images on your website, your images will simply have no effect to your ranking – which allows for a great opportunity to be overlooked. In some instances, your images on your website can be more important than the visible text (particularly on sales or infographic pages). By having alt texts applied to […]