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The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Desktop and Mobile Responsive Website Design As websites are visited on both desktop and mobile devices, it is imperative that they display and work correctly on both. They must be responsive regardless of where they are accessed so that those who visit them can interact with your content, fulfil their need(s) and ultimately convert into a customer of your business. Webheads specialise in custom responsive website design and deploy beautiful designs that do your brand proud and turbocharge your presence online. “Webheads have provided us with not only a great looking website, but with a total e-marketing tool. Our online customer database has increased 100% every month since the launch and with […]


EAW and Webheads – A Sound Match

As a proficient and highly technical integrated web team, Webheads are used to working intelligently with specialist technology such as the audio technology that EAW specialise in. Their website had to showcase the uses of their technology and the benefits of choosing it for the sound needs of venues, sporting arenas and stadiums all over the world. Knowing that this technology is quite abstract when talking about its use, we made sure to implement high quality images and videos of it across their custom website design. This meant that from the get go, visitors to the EAW website could visualise exactly what is being talked about. With EAW having a global reach […]


Curating Copywriting in a Contemporary Context

The Words We Need While pictures can convey information (they say a picture says a thousand words); they cannot however by read by all bots. This means that when the likes of Google scans your website to determine what content it contains and how to rank it, it relies on text and words to be able to read this content. That is why for images best practice dictates that we add alt text to them so that they can be read and understood by search engines. Websites also need words to provide each page with a meta title and meta description. These provide those searching online with a snippet of information about […]


Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton

In front of a crowd of forty-thousand spectators (and those watching on TV all around the world), Lewis Hamilton pulled off a series of doughnuts to celebrate this incredible career milestone. Peers including Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel made sure to congratulate him too in a great moment of comradery for the sport. The Webheads team are major petrolheads at heart and so it is a dream to be part of #TeamLH as we watch his achievements unfold and get interacted and engaged with in the digital space. Boasting almost twenty-million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; this Mercedes driver has a real presence both online and offline. We designed and deployed the custom […]


Strategic, Creative & Technical – The Webheads Way

Strategic What fascinates us is the emotional side of your brand. Not so much what you do, but how you do it. We believe it is this dimension that holds the key to building a truly distinctive brand and web presence for our clients. Your custom website design is built and launched after we strategise the most effective way for this to happen for your brand and business. From the more obvious approach such as a competitor analysis to the more technical decisions such as what server type your website should be hosted on; our strategic process ensures excellence for each and every element of your custom website design. This is part […]


What Makes a Good eCommerce Website Design?

Speedy Service Not only are slow loading times and website speeds annoying, they could also be costing your business money. When people shop online on an eCommerce website, they simply have to click / tap on the back button to go back to the search engine results page (SERP) to go to one of your competitors’ websites if yours is too slow. Subpar speeds are detrimental within every area of eCommerce websites – from scrolling through product catalogues to processing payments. With a custom website design by Webheads however, you don’t have to worry about this. Our designs are optimised for speed because we take the time to action the details that […]


The Rebrand Revolution

Uber While now known all around the world, Uber was once at the start up stage. Approaching five years in business, they recently rebranded their content in a probable attempt to define a more noticeable aesthetic which can extend beyond their brand name recognition. This involved deciding upon a solid colour scheme (in this case classic black and white along with what they term ‘safety blue’) and even creating a custom font known as ‘Uber Move’. More than just aesthetics, their rebrand coincides with new and upcoming features – such as their use of this ‘safety blue’ hue to highlight and call out important aspects and bring attention to their increased vehicular […]


Reviews and Testimonials Roundup

Our loyal clients appreciate how we distil our expertise and apply it on a case-by-case basis to their business needs and they are happy to provide us with reviews and testimonials to attest to this. As we specialise in custom website design, we hate the word ‘template’ and customise each project per client. This produces a result that is unique and exclusive for each client, thus providing them with a competitive edge. “The guys at Webheads took time to fully understand our requirements for the site rebuild, the product and its target market in order to ensure that final product was of the highest quality.” – Lewis Johnson, SVP Global Marketing Manager […]


Expert UX Service at Webheads

Usefulness It should be established as to what a website is going to be used for, so that its custom design and overall UX builds upon this useful foundation. This step examines what features are needed – such as an online booking system, eCommerce store, payment gateways, application programme interfacing (API) and more. With this usefulness established, your website users can enjoy their experience on your website as they know they can use it to fulfil their needs. Usability In order for a website to retain visitors and users, it must place an emphasis on usability. Simply having useful features in place will not suffice unless they are presented and realised in […]


Think Like a User for the Best UX

The first thing anyone wants a website to do is to be relevant to their search query. So if they search for a dentist in London and reach your website, they would expect your website to be about a dental practice in London. Ensuring that your content is tagged with the relevant words and terms and that these keywords are also woven into your website text and copywriting is essential in this regard. So the first step for the best UX is arguably to have your business website poised and primed to attract and retain the correct users and traffic online. Following this then, your website should fulfil their needs in an […]