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Why is Web Design so Important in 2021?

Due to the fact that we use our smart devices to not only find out what we need to know, but also to complete so many tasks and actions; web design is so important as it factors in to everything we do online. So as a business owner, your business website is a part of this structure and therefore needs to be attuned with it to bring the best results. Webheads are a leading London web agency and we have been helping our clients to achieve this with their websites for well over twenty years. Here are a few of factors to consider . . . Ease of Use (UX) As we […]


Improving Your Digital Presence

Checking the citations on your website is important because they mean quite a lot to Google when they rank your website in their search engine. Your citations are also very important for online users that may be local and could be browsing for the exact service you offer. If you want to know a bit more in depth about how your customers really use your website, you can install a free heatmap tool to help you do so. This software generates images of your website highlighting exactly where customers click and also where they avoid. This is a great tool for improving your digital presence as it can be helpful to find […]


The Importance of Website Design

Your website navigation is one of the most important elements of your website design so how this is designed around your brand message is critical. We here at Webheads take the look and feel of our clients websites very seriously and currently we have a fondness around the fresh and contemporary trend with a professional touch. Simplicity and clarity are also usually a big part of our projects as we believe that all functions need to be kept simple, clear and easy for your customers to use. Due to the importance of website design all navigations need to guarantee a logical journey for the user. Website accessibility is one of the main […]


Cybersecurity Trends of 2021

One of the biggest cybersecurity trends of 2021 would be none other than the steep increase of ransomware attacks. Monetisation is now the driving factor that is contributing to the rise in these attacks. In the past it was more difficult for hackers to profit from these attacks however since the rise of cryptocurrencies this has made it a lot easier for someone to commit a crime and get away with it due to getting paid without a trace. Many businesses have implemented cloud based computing services as it enables users to access a wide range of software application, data storage and more simply through an internet connection. Although this is a […]


Visualisation Trends of 2021

Real time visualisation is a fast-growing trend as we live in a fast paced “always-on” world with smartphones, IoT and other smart devices that continually function in real time. Real time data is the driver that allows organisations to act quickly and we here at Webheads have the capabilities to ensure that your website design is using this data most efficiently for your business needs. Another popular trend that falls under visualisation trends of 2021 would be mobile friendly visualisations as so many people are now reading articles, researching and working from their mobile devices. With this percentage constantly growing mobile friendly data visualisations become essential. From embedding your visualisations into internal […]


Growing Trends of eCommerce

Big data is playing a massive role in creating personalised experiences for the user. Many consumers are quite aware of their data and that eCommerce sites are collecting their data which may put them at risk. Due to this, many experts have some mixed feelings about the benefits of big data and how it may affect the shopping experience. With legislation in place to protect personal data we all now have the option to opt out which will create an interesting contrast. Some users will have ultra personalised experiences where others simply will not. This will have an impact on how marketers reach their audience in the future. Other growing trends of […]


Credit Card Payment Gateways

Simply put, a credit card payment gateway is what keeps the payment procedure running seamlessly allowing multiple online payments for customers and businesses. If you have recently set up an online business you do not need to have a deep understanding of payment gateways but it is worth becoming familiar with the basics and how an online payment travels from your customers bank account to yours. Although credit card payment gateways may just appear to be the middle man, it actually provides fraud management by protecting you from expired cards, closed accounts, insufficient funds or exceeding credit limits. Online payment gateways act as the gatekeeper of your customers payment data while safely […]


What is Web Hosting?

Looking at what is web hosting, it is an essential part of your website design when considering an online presence for your business as your website would not be able to exist without a server. In simple terms, a server is a computer that connects other web users to your site from anywhere in the world and at any time. As the name suggests, web hosting services include servers, connectivity and any other associated services to host websites. We here at Webheads operate a Load Balanced Webserver System, which is a group of servers that intelligently service multiple requests made to a single domain name. Although there are hundreds of server plans […]


Voice Search and SEO

At its core, optimising voice search is similar to SEO from the past but with a much more refined focus. If voice search is currently not included in your SEO strategy, now would be a great time to adjust just that. With using voice search and SEO, it is key for any marketer to understand their type of customer and their device behaviour for maximum results. Understanding several data points the same way voice search algorithms use data will allow marketers to have a much deeper understanding of the behaviour of their customers. Real time data will give you a great insight to understand how different people use voice search and on […]


Advantages of PPC

One of the best advantages of PPC is how it can significantly contribute to your business goals. The power of PPC advertising can advance the middle ground of nurturing and serving the middle of the funnel through advertising and content downloads. It can also expedite newsletter sign-ups, push for app downloads and it can even get your brand more contest entries if you are running a competition or giveaway. To achieve this, our team can optimise your Google Ads with full campaigns tailored to your goals with conversions always in mind. Other advantages of PPC advertising include quick entry. Whether your brand has been present in the market for a long time […]



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