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Reviews and Testimonials Roundup

Our loyal clients appreciate how we distil our expertise and apply it on a case-by-case basis to their business needs and they are happy to provide us with reviews and testimonials to attest to this. As we specialise in custom website design, we hate the word ‘template’ and customise each project per client. This produces a result that is unique and exclusive for each client, thus providing them with a competitive edge. “The guys at Webheads took time to fully understand our requirements for the site rebuild, the product and its target market in order to ensure that final product was of the highest quality.” – Lewis Johnson, SVP Global Marketing Manager […]


Expert UX Service at Webheads

Usefulness It should be established as to what a website is going to be used for, so that its custom design and overall UX builds upon this useful foundation. This step examines what features are needed – such as an online booking system, eCommerce store, payment gateways, application programme interfacing (API) and more. With this usefulness established, your website users can enjoy their experience on your website as they know they can use it to fulfil their needs. Usability In order for a website to retain visitors and users, it must place an emphasis on usability. Simply having useful features in place will not suffice unless they are presented and realised in […]


Think Like a User for the Best UX

The first thing anyone wants a website to do is to be relevant to their search query. So if they search for a dentist in London and reach your website, they would expect your website to be about a dental practice in London. Ensuring that your content is tagged with the relevant words and terms and that these keywords are also woven into your website text and copywriting is essential in this regard. So the first step for the best UX is arguably to have your business website poised and primed to attract and retain the correct users and traffic online. Following this then, your website should fulfil their needs in an […]


What is UX? User Experience Explained

What Makes for a Good User Experience What is UX is what is important to your website visitors. Not neglecting to cover website basics for example goes a long way towards a positive user experience. Ensuring that your website has swift loading speeds, is responsive on both desktop and mobile devices and is not full of broken links are solid starting points here. Digging a bit deeper, elements of a website that make for an easy and pain-free experience also include knowing what your visitors are looking for, what they expect and demonstrating your credibility as a business online. Webheads specialise in this by creating our custom website designs with a six […]


Our Success with Travel Website Design

We have been working with the Leisure Pass Group since 2010 on travel website design that is engaging and responsive for worldwide visitors and locations. In 2013, we designed the website for The London Pass – a website to encourage the sale of a travel card to give access to a wide range of London’s top attractions. This website was nothing short of a revolution in adaptive eCommerce website design. As owner of Webheads JM Littman explains “The Leisure Pass Group wanted a fantastic website that would engage customers without over-selling; a website that did not just sell an access card to London’s premier tourist locations, but one that offered customers a […]


The Trouble With Themes . . .

Coding Conundrums Most pre-made website themes are coded to do one specific thing, that being to display a theme for your website. You may think that this is all a theme needs to do, but if it is not coded well it opens up gaps for hackers and malware to take advantage off. If it is not supported with updates not only does this vulnerability increase, but it also means that it may stop working and displaying properly for certain visitors from certain browsers. All in all, the coding associated with pre-made themes is more often than not so restrictive that it will simply break if you attempt to do something outside […]


Selling your Space through Website Design

Restaurant Example – Planet Hollywood London Based in Haymarket in central London, Planet Hollywood is a popular destination for couplies, families and friends to grab a bite in the heart of the city. As we know, there is intense restaurant competition in London, so the custom website design that we designed for Planet Hollywood was created with this idea of ‘selling your space’ to visitors. Their responsive website includes an expansive gallery of images that shows the restaurant space both empty and full with patrons, as well as highlighting their distinctive pop culture décor, their staff and their range of different seating spaces. We also implemented an online booking feature and made […]


IT and Website Support at Webheads

“IT is at the heart of everything these days so any problems or difficulties can mean your business grinds to a halt.” Updates A website is made with many moving parts that work together to present your design and offering to your visitors. Over time each of these elements, such as the likes of certificates and different software, require updates to deliver the best and most up-to-date versions of themselves. With every update also comes up-to-date security measures so that hackers cannot easily compromise and gain access to your website. With older and outdated elements still active on your website, there is a much higher chance that they can get through via […]


Wanderlust – Exploring Space in Website Design

Many of our clients work within the creative industries and as such our custom website designs for them made sure to be respectful of their creative craft and headspace. With the Matt Todd Photography website, it was a design requirement to not impede on his portfolio of work with functional aspects such as banners, headers and footers. To accommodate this, we created a custom navigation bar that was fixed vertically to the webpages – a great use of space in website design. As such, this left enough space on the remainder of the webpages for his stunning photography to fill edge to edge in their exquisiteness. Likewise the custom website for designer […]


The Importance of Curating your Website Design

Meeting Expectations Research into and knowledge about your sector and industry will inform the direction of how curating your website design will work to appeal to your target audience. If for example yours is a beauty business, visitors to your website may expect to see before and after pictures and videos of people using your products and / or services, testimonials and reviews attesting to them and possibly even celebrity and influencer endorsements. Armed with this knowledge, your website can be customised and curated to meet these expectations. With this, your website efforts are primed to maximise traffic and minimise bounce rates as the layout and content you display is what your […]