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Landing Pages Explained

An often crucial part of online business (especially when it comes to selling online), it is helpful to know more about landing pages. Here landing pages are explained to you and we will explore some useful information about their designs that can help you to get your website visitors converted.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is your foundation and one of the most important elements of a well designed inbound strategy. Think of your it as a destination as it is where a visitor on your site arrives because they were attracted to your content, they want to sign up for your webinar, or maybe they want to engage with a salesperson. They usually include forms and your goal is to have such a compelling and enticing landing page that your visitor willingly fills out the form and provides you with their contact information in exchange for your content (guide, eBook, webinar, case study etc.) Your new lead is eager to reap the information benefits after this personal transaction.

Why are landing pages important?

They are so important because they are one of the best and most immediate ways to get a visitor to convert to a lead and make sales. When a visitor fills out a form on your landing page, they give you personal access and opt-in for more. The information you get lets you know this customer in great detail and helps you understand if this person is genuinely a good lead or needs to be nurtured. In other cases the page acts as a more direct way to make sales and conversions.

What is a good conversion rate?

On average, studies have shown that landing pages can generate between a 5 – 15% conversion rate. If you take the time to test and analyse your landing pages, you can often significantly optimise your amount of conversions and leads. As the saying goes ‘always be testing’, consider implementing A/B testing to really give your landing pages the best chance of success. It is never a waste of them to continously tweak, optimise and improve anything connected to your business and brand and these crucial pages are no exception!

Landing Pages Explained

There are various methods to use when deciding on your landing page. Some include a timely offer, free downloaded resources, free trials, free samples and many more! The idea is to speak your target audience’s language and offer what will encourage them to fill out that lead generation form or easily covert into a sale. So do you know your audience well enough to understand how to build the perfect landing page that converts? Talk to us at here Webheads and as a leading London web agency for decades; we can help you build the perfect web pages aligned with your brand and audience persona. Please call us on 020 7287 7060 or complete the form below and we’ll be happy to help!

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