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Habits for Successful Content Marketing

It is important for marketers to encompass consistent content marketing habits into their business strategy to ensure that the content is focusing directly on your target market. With achieving constant interaction with your customers, this will ensure ample brand success. One of the important habits for successful content marketing is to always make sure your content is attractive. The digital marketing world is currently saturated with content, so it is important that your brand is listening to what your consumers really want. It is key for a web designer to analyse what motivates your audience online and gaining a full understanding of what is capturing their attention and keeping them engaged. Although […]


A Look at Cyberpunk Design in Websites

Although cyberpunk design is not the answer for every web designer (and could in fact be the complete wrong fit) making certain projects look ridiculous, this does not mean that web designers cannot enjoy a slice of its unique qualities such as a slight adaption to the infamous cyberpunk pink which has proved its popularity to the point where it has been considered a trend of 2020. Gaming and arcade website design is a well-known example that blends the cyberpunk tones (such as pink neon) for example. Other very popular tones from cyberpunk design would be purple and neon blue which is incorporated beautifully by The Geek Designer. With these tones, many […]


Must Know of SEO

It is important for small businesses who are growing their presence online to build a Google My Business profile, which should include great content with up to date information. It is key to ensure that your website is optimised for local search results and with relatable content that can achieve local links and citations for your website. When deciding between keyword repetition or the quality of your content, good quality content should always be your number one priority – a must know of SEO. The Google search engine is clever enough to not just rely on keywords, so it would be fair to say that keywords would simply not be enough if […]


Gamification in UX

With 2020 after throwing many new realities to almost every business sector, it is essential to maintain productivity and motivation in our new ways of doing things. This is where gamification in UX comes in, as it supports web designers through the process of adding elements to websites and apps and encourages the development of an emotional bond with the user. Many web designers in the sports, health and productivity industries build their websites by using gamification. Designers acknowledge how the user doesn’t want to have to think about the navigation too much, but enjoy experiencing fun and challenging elements at the same time. Some of these techniques involve creating a sense […]


The Future of Frameworks

Back as far as 2005, Mocha (a new scripting language) was created and was then renamed as LiveScript and then renamed again to what we all know it as today – JavaScript. The JavaScript framework has come a long way since then. By 2016, 92% of all websites were using the JavaScript main frameworks Angular, React and Vue – which are all expected to develop more capabilities into the future. Angular Angular is a fully developed web framework by Google which is used by many gloabal brands and websites. It enables developers to separate work on the same app section while working off the same set of data. It is also well […]


Link Building Strategies in the Age of Bloggers

An older and more common link building style would be doing an outreach promotion along with the development of copy, for third-party websites. It is important to mention that this cannot be a marketing pitch if you have no budget, as this may run the risk of bloggers requesting payment. In turn, this strategy usually leads to very little value than any link acquired, not to mention the difficulties it brings when web designers attempt to optimise anchor texts, or direct links to the targeted landing pages. A key link building strategy is link earning, which is known to be the ideal solution where links essentially build themselves through exceptional content and […]


Google’s Core Web Vitals Explained

Core Web Vitals are important to Google as these are real world experience rhythms or metrics that measure user experience such as website speed, how seamless interactions are throughout web pages, how stable an internet page is up to a certain speed and so on. As Google has a growing volume of ranking signals, it can be argued that the impact of another signal isn’t too significant. However if your website is relatively new or is currently not getting much traffic, the Core Web Vitals ranking factors could be the one to make all the difference. An example here would be if you were in a competitive market competing for the competitive […]


Website Image Sliders Explained

Scrolling Cues This is one style we have all come across at one time or another. This is a feature that keeps the user engaged and works to support a solid understanding of what each website is all about. Many of these types of website image sliders are encompassed with directional arrows or dots to encourage the user to scroll between the images. This helps them to not skip over anything and can direct them back to something they have an interest in, keeping them interested for longer and cueing other elements that might be of even greater interest. Split Screen Another popular trend in the generation of website images sliders is […]


New Web Design Trends for 2020

Underlining and Text Highlights One of the current web design trends is underlines and text highlights. Usually less is always more and plain font styles have always been the way to go. Bold text occasionally worked around certain contexts, however ‘funky fonts’ were usually avoided due to the rise and rise of minimalism in web design. Nonetheless, in more recent times websites are becoming a lot more advanced with exceptional user experience (UX) and virtual reality transitions; resulting in greater design trends with plenty of contrasts that are a better fit for highlighted elements and underlining. The Zappos Kids website for example demonstrates this perfectly as they have a range of highlighted […]


Bar and Restaurant Website Design

In order to survive in this new normal, bars and restaurants can no longer rely on their basic website or Facebook page that would usually suffice when keeping in touch with their customers, notifying them of new changes or additions to their menu. They now need support from web designers more than ever to achieve a seamless digital transformation and more modern and sophisticated capabilities that will help them operate internally. That is why we here at Webheads are proud to offer dedicated bar and restaurant website design. Some innovative new ways of operating in these premises have already implemented and would include the likes of cloud-based management and display systems. This […]