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Basic SEO Backend Checklist

This basic SEO backend checklist looks at a basic webpage (from the backend) and touches on the basic points that you need to fulfil for a search engine optimised webpage. One should note that webpages also need to be optimised from the frontend of your CMS for best results (read our basic frontend checklist here). This somewhat complex and time consuming task can be outsourced to the expert integrated web team here at the Webheads web agency. Keyword Density Firstly decide which word / term you are targeting. This has to align with the content of your webpage so that Google knows what search results to connect with it. So if your […]


Basic SEO Frontend Checklist

This basic SEO frontend checklist looks at a basic webpage and touches on the basic points that you need to fulfil for a search engine optimised webpage. One should note that webpages also need to be optimised from the backend of your CMS for best results (read our basic backend checklist here). This somewhat complex and time consuming task can be outsourced to the expert integrated web team here at the Webheads web agency. Word Count For a webpage to rank on the Google SERP (search engine results page) and be classified as a page by Google, it must contain a minimum of three-hundred words. These words have to form the content […]


IGTV – What You Need to Know

Setting up an IGTV Channel There are two ways to set up your IGTV account and channel. You can choose to download the IGTV app, available for both Android and iOS devices, to set up your channel. Simply tap on the gear icon to access the settings within the app and then ‘Create Channel’. You will be shown information about the app and videos (such as how IGTV is specifically made for full-screen vertical video styles). Your channel will then be created and it will have the same name as your Instagram handle. IGTV can also be setup within Instagram too. Simply tap on the IGTV logo in the top right-hand corner […]


Excellent eCommerce Website Design

User Focused Design With an eCommerce website, the end goal is to make sales and convert visitors of the website into customers of the business. As such, it makes perfect sense to tailor the overall website design and user experience to them. This encourages sales by making visitors like your website (and your business by extension) with an experience and journey that will lead them to the checkout. Contact the Webheads team for an excellent eCommerce website design that focuses on the customer and user experience. This involves the use of many tried and tested design skills and styles – all of which can be customised and custom made for your business […]


Social Media and Shopping – Instagram’s Latest Feature

How Does it Work? With this new feature, images can be enabled with links that reveal the names and prices of products when the picture is clicked / tapped on. People will be able to see what posts have this enabled feature as they will display a shopping bag icon in the top right-hand corner of the profile page. Multiple links can be inserted into one image so that if the image features a pair of sunglasses and a matching case for example; the names and prices for both of these products will appear. When the user then clicks / taps on the product that they are interested in, they will be […]


Webheads Relationship with Motorsports

Our Online Contributions From eCommerce to charity, amateur racing and professional racing, commercial and industrial and everything in between – the Webheads team have designed and deployed many of these custom motorsport website designs. This includes the Daytona and Daytona Max websites where visitors can book carting sessions all around the country. We designed and deployed the custom website for the respected gearbox and running gear designers Quaife Engineering to elevate their presence and commerce reach to a global level. We also designed the charity website and implemented a CMS for Mission Motorsport, an organisation to aid those affected by military operations through motorsport. We’ve worked with F1 and GP2/F2 teams, as well […]


The Importance of Integrated Web Teams

What is an Integrated Web Team? Integrated web teams comprise of a group of professionals who have expertise within and specialise in different areas such as backend, coding, design and the likes of project management. As their full focus is applied to each of their distinct roles, these professionals are experts in their field and do not have to dilute their skillset to disturb this focus. With this in place, a team of these professionals working together makes for an arguably superior custom website design process. This is because they can almost work at a telepathic level as they collectively work from the same page and understand the process as a team. […]


Text Content in a Streamlined Website Design

It is recommended that a minimum of three-hundred words be used on each webpage to help it both be recognised and ranked by Google. These words should also naturally contain instances of your chosen keyword or term appearing. Yet for websites that choose a minimalist or streamlined website design aesthetic, adding three-hundred words into the mix can disturb this visual space and aesthetic flow. Therefore to achieve this, these words can be added across the page in select areas as opposed to one or two large blocks of text. Instead, smaller snippets of text can be incorporated to meet this minimum word count and keyword density target in the following places. Heading […]


On Time and On Budget Website Design

Webheads worked with Metro International to ensure that their web presence was poised and optimised to perform for both their business and reader interests. This consists of a relationship that supports the client at all steps, across multiple on time and on budget website design projects. “Metro International is the world’s largest newspaper and we needed our web agency to be, proactive, creative, professional and friendly. Webheads met the challenge admirably and perhaps more importantly continue to help me take our websites from strength to strength. The Webheads management team are consistent, reliable and hard working and are also blessed with a strong sense of financial realism. It’s good to know that […]


Take Caution with the Common Web Design Element

Fashionable Fonts Using more unique and stylised fonts can be visually appealing and add a characteristic edge to your website design; but they can also be difficult to read and understand. This can be especially true on mobile devices which have smaller screens. Consider this if you are thinking to implement this common web design element. Depending on your particular website design and interface, it may be better to use these sparingly for bigger and more legible headline areas as opposed to blocks of webpage text. Having a strong visual identity is always a good thing, but not when it compromises the usability of your website. Sleek Sliders Image sliders, also known […]