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2018 Trends in Website Design

Bright and Bold Colours As a contrast to the more muted and minimalist website designs that were popular in 2017, designs which feature bright and bold colours are expected to be the antidote to this in one of the 2018 trends in website design. Colour plays a very important part in website design as they can be used to convey feelings and emotions to visitors. They also help to set the tone and vibe of your website as an extension as of your brand and business. We here at Webheads always make sure to incorporate colour correctly into our custom website designs to ensure maximum impact and maximum scope for conversions. Take […]


Webheads – More Than Custom Web Designers

Custom Web Designers Our team have a passion for building and creating custom websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We create a unique design and UX interface for each of our clients so that they have a dedicated business website that is like no other online. Over the years our designs have been launched within many industries (such as banking, government, sports, tourism and more) and clients have entrusted us with multiple custom web designs for their range of businesses. Take for example our highly successful Leisure Pass websites. Our custom web designers both designed and launched the highly responsive eCommerce websites for major tourist destinations and markets around the […]


Testimonials are Paramount for your Website

Utilise a Testimonials Page It is a good idea to collate your reviews and testimonials on a single webpage within your website. When you make a sale or close a deal with a client, ask them kindly if they would be willing to provide your business with a testimonial. A simple and effective way to do this is by setting up an auto-responder e-mail to send to those who purchase a product from your online store for example. Collect these reviews and add them to your webpage. With this, your business website now has a dedicated space whereby visitors can browse and read the positive experiences that past clients have had with […]


Focus on Font in Custom Website Design

The Little Miss London website sells a range of beautiful scented candles which are inspired from famous London locations such as Camden and Chelsea. The website makes clever use of the font used in the Little Miss Logo London. Rendered in a loose and expressive style, it is reminiscent of handwriting and this makes a personal link with the website visitor. The initials of ‘L’, ‘M’ and ‘L’ are assembled above the logo to form a crown in a clever (and crowning) design motif. This is a great example of font use that adds to the feel of a website in tandem with the personality of the brand. The Cyclism website relays […]


Shared, Dedicated and Cloud Servers Explained

Shared Servers As the name implies, a shared server means that more than one website is hosted on it. Think of this as a housing estate. Each house sits on its own block of and within the estate. Shared servers work just like this by dedicating a section of the server per website. They are a physical piece of hardware. As with everything, shared servers have their pros and cons. A benefit of a shared server is that they may be more affordable which helps with start-up costs etc. One of the cons however is that if one website on the shared server suffers from a major problem, all of the remaining […]


Curating the Cape Town Pass Website

The Cape Town Pass website followed our other successful website launches for the Leisure Pass group which include Dublin, London and New York. We chose to echo the colours of the South African flag in the colour scheme of the website. This entailed of a mainly green, yellow, black and red interface with smaller details in blue (such as logos and icons) and text rendered in white. This took a natural approach and was not forced – instead it served as a subtle and clever tribute to the colours of the South African flag. As this was a tourist website, it was important to add high quality images of each of the […]


Portraying Personality Through Bespoke Website Design

The Little Miss London website sells a collection of beautiful candles. Each one is inspired by iconic London locations such as Camden and Chelsea and future candles planned to launch include Shoreditch and Wimbledon. Due to this variance, the website required a custom design to reflect each element of the collection. This was achieved by having a single page to house all of the candles and from here visitors could click / tap through to each candle individually to learn more about it. Because there were no restrictions as no premade template was used; this overall product page was able to be built to give equal real estate (and therefore conversion potential) […]


Review of Website Design 2017

Cape Town Pass: Tourism can really benefit from having a responsive eCommerce website to promote landmarks and attractions etc. The Cape Town Pass website was a new addition to our suite of ‘Pass’ websites, joining the likes of Dublin and London with a high-impact, high-end custom web design. Featuring a colour palate which drew inspiration from the South African flag and stunning imagery of the picturesque Cape Town landscapes and cityscapes. This was another successful website design which married a beautiful user experience with a robust eCommerce function. Deltaforce: The Deltaforce bespoke website design is a great example of utilising local SEO to target customers per location. With well over thirty locations […]


Custom Web Branding – Stand out from the Crowd

Custom web branding shows that businesses have taken the time to consider and implement a dedicated visual approach for their brand online. For new visitors to their website, this provides a fresh and exciting space for them to explore (and possibly convert as customers). For returning customers, the distinct and unique branding provides them with a familiar welcome experience of one of their favourite brands online. The custom website we created and custom branding we curated for Happen is a stellar example of this. It features bright pastel colours and a clear, legible white font which provides a nice and breezy interface to read about and digest the vast amount of information […]


How to Nurture your Organic SEO Efforts

Examples of Organic SEO Organic SEO are the elements which you do not have to necessarily use a third-party for. They are tasks that you can complete yourself to increase the presence of websites on search engines. A blog entry is an example of organic SEO, as is the creation of a webpage. Once these are both optimised with relevant keywords and meet certain criteria (i.e. a minimum of three-hundred words); these are organically used to increase your websites chances of reaching people online. Adding relevant keywords to the alt text fields of images and having correct meta descriptions are two more examples of organic SEO practices. Organic SEO tasks such as […]