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Review of Website Design 2017

Cape Town Pass: Tourism can really benefit from having a responsive eCommerce website to promote landmarks and attractions etc. The Cape Town Pass website was a new addition to our suite of ‘Pass’ websites, joining the likes of Dublin and London with a high-impact, high-end custom web design. Featuring a colour palate which drew inspiration from the South African flag and stunning imagery of the picturesque Cape Town landscapes and cityscapes. This was another successful website design which married a beautiful user experience with a robust eCommerce function. Deltaforce: The Deltaforce bespoke website design is a great example of utilising local SEO to target customers per location. With well over thirty locations […]


Custom Web Branding – Stand out from the Crowd

Custom web branding shows that businesses have taken the time to consider and implement a dedicated visual approach for their brand online. For new visitors to their website, this provides a fresh and exciting space for them to explore (and possibly convert as customers). For returning customers, the distinct and unique branding provides them with a familiar welcome experience of one of their favourite brands online. The custom website we created and custom branding we curated for Happen is a stellar example of this. It features bright pastel colours and a clear, legible white font which provides a nice and breezy interface to read about and digest the vast amount of information […]


How to Nurture your Organic SEO Efforts

Examples of Organic SEO Organic SEO are the elements which you do not have to necessarily use a third-party for. They are tasks that you can complete yourself to increase the presence of websites on search engines. A blog entry is an example of organic SEO, as is the creation of a webpage. Once these are both optimised with relevant keywords and meet certain criteria (i.e. a minimum of three-hundred words); these are organically used to increase your websites chances of reaching people online. Adding relevant keywords to the alt text fields of images and having correct meta descriptions are two more examples of organic SEO practices. Organic SEO tasks such as […]


Planning the Building Blocks of your Web Design

Header Area As the name implies, the header area of a web design occupies the very top of a website. It is mostly used for navigation and may feature tabs and links to bring the user to different areas of the website. Our own header here at the Webheads website is an example of this. Most header sections also remain the same across each webpage so that it acts as a constant navigational anchor across the entire website. On mobile devices, the tabs in the header area usually collapse into what is known as a hamburger menu. Tapping on this expands out the navigational options for mobile users to tap on and […]


What is Bespoke Website Design?

When we talk about bespoke website design, it is important to remember the functional element as well as the aesthetic elements. Many different businesses need different features unique to their offerings (i.e. products and services). Our bespoke website design for Planet Hollywood London for example required download links to their menus and also an online booking feature integrated with a live calendar. We implemented this alongside their expressive branding, colours and imagery to deploy a fully functional (and overall fun – in keeping with their brand) bespoke website that continues to convert visitors into customers today. We work with our clients to bring their vision for their website to life. This does […]


Lewis Hamilton wins Fourth World Title

The Webheads team wish to extend a huge congratulations for Mr. Lewis Hamilton as he wins his incredible fourth Formula One world championship. Triumphing with his placement in Mexico and providing a tense duel on the track with Sebastian Vettel; the Mercedes driver becomes the fifth British driver with four world titles to his name. It is a great moment in British sporting history and also great to see how he has embraced social media to share the joy with his millions of followers. On his Instagram account for example his use of video content of his reception after the race has amassed a million views. His tweets on Twitter see him […]


Safe, Secure and PCI Compliant Website Designs

Not only is keeping your customer data safe and secure an ethical aspect to eCommerce websites; but it is also a possible offence should you mishandle their data. In the UK for example, the Information Commissioner’s Office can impose fines on your company should your website fall prey to a hack or cyber attack. A recent fine for a SME for example amounted to £60,000. While no business welcomes a hack or cyber attack that affects their website, it is still deemed their responsibility to have security in place to prevent them from happening and to minimise the risk in the first place. Your online payment systems should also be PCI compliant […]


The Macro Appeal of Micro Copy

What is Micro Copy? It is often the most simple things that are most effective and micro copy is no exception to this. It is simply an additional few words of text that appear alongside another website element. This can appear to address any questions your website visitors may have so that they do not have to navigate away from the webpage (or your website) to get the additional information that they need. In this way, effective use of micro copy curbs bounces and promotes conversions. One may wonder why a website design would not just include this text if it is so miniscule; but this is something which affects the user […]


How the GDPR can Affect your Business

Data Transparency The entire process of data collection, retention and usage must become much more transparent and clear for customers. They will have to specifically opt-in (instead of opting out at a later date), must be allowed to opt-out at any time and it has to be made explicitly know to them what their data will be used for. If there is ever a breach of customer data, the affected customers must be notified of same immediately and local data protection authorities must be notified within 72 hours. As you can see with this, customers must be readily informed about their data at all stages and must specifically grant you permission to […]


Financial Services Websites – Where Professional Design Adds Up

When we work with financial services clients, we know that they work with high net worth companies and individuals and manage vast monetary amounts for their clients in such areas as trust funds and foundations. From the get-go, website security will always be high up on our list when it comes to creating their modern and responsive websites. We are keen to keep money management at the core focus of our financial services website design and to relay safety, trust and professionalism at all times. One particular feature we have worked on included a secure login section for clients to upload any necessary content and documents needed to liaise with their financial advisors […]