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The Fall Magazine Website – Style and Substance

There are five main dimensions to The Fall – The Screen, The Fashion, The Music, The Culture and their video series called The Fall TV. Against the clear canvas of a white background, these words were placed in a classic black script font at the top of the page for simple navigation. With such a content heavy catalogue at our disposal, it made sense to use this content as literal building blocks for the website. Therefore the homepage utilised tiles that can be clicked/tapped on to take visitors to their sprawling video catalogue. With video content consumption at an all-time high, The Fall illustrate how they are on the pulse of contemporary […]


Hello Helsinki – Opening the City up to the Web

What can be striking about the website design we custom built here is how it is edge to edge and fills the screen no matter what type of device you are viewing it on. When creating websites with a tourist focus such as this one, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to photography and imagery of famous landmarks and landscapes to use. The Helsinki Card website of course was no different and sees the responsive website adorned with the likes of the Suomenlinna Fortress Island, the Church of the Rock and the famous Helsinki Sky Wheel. Not only do these images act as a visual draw for the visitors to […]


Facebook – How to make Conversions

Mailing List Audience We can upload your newsletter database into Facebook to target your subscribers on the social media platform. This is useful to take a double-pronged approach to make awareness of a new product or service launch you may be having – or maybe to promote a sale for example. You could send a newsletter to your subscribers on a Monday and then target these same subscribers again on a Friday. Boosting a Facebook post for this audience is an effective way to remind them of your newsletter offering and also affords them another chance to act on your offer. By making yourself visible in both their e-mail inboxes and social […]


What’s the best CMS system

We’re often asked, “what’s the best CMS system?”. Of course, there’s not a straightforward answer. Webheads have been creating CMS websites for over 20 years. Being real coders we have our own Webheads CMS system. A bespoke, streamlined, PHP based system but this isn’t always the best solution for a client needs and we’re not here to reinvent the wheel if it’s not needed.  Rather than the likes of the somewhat outdated and resource hungry, Drupal or Joomla CMS systems, we use WordPress as a CMS framework. What we build into this framework is a fully bespoke and uniquely coded website – the design and coding is always bespoke. So why WordPress? We believe […]


Content – The Pros and Cons of Automatic vs. Responsive

What is Automatic Content? Automatic content relates to content that works and exists by itself automatically. While it may need a trigger to generate or appear, it does not rely on website visitors to click/tap somewhere for it to activate. An example of automatic content is that of a video. This may be set to play on the homepage of your website as soon as somebody lands on the page – their simple arrival signals the video to start playing by itself. Pros and Cons of Automatic Content The stellar pro related to automatic content is that there is little to no manpower work required for things to happen. Think of newsletter […]


Curated Content is Important at Webheads

Curated content shows those who interact with it that you know what you are talking about (and by extension what you are trying to sell). This fosters a sense of trust between your brand and potential customers. For example, would you moreso trust a brand of pet food that only talked about the flavour of the pet food; or a brand that could both talk about the flavours and the health benefits of the pet food? Distilling expertise into your sales and marketing communications can show that you are a reputable brand who fully understands your industry and the products and/or services that you are selling. Adding this information in subtle but […]


Instagram Marketing – Four Ways to Promote your Brand

Photo Ads The most popular form of Instagram marketing is that of photo ads. On your Instagram business profile, simply tap on the post you are looking to promote and then select “Promote” from the options. This will then let you set the promotion parameters such as the audience you are looking to reach, the duration you want the promotion to run for and also the maximum budget that you are looking to spend. Once these have been selected, simply tap on the promote button and pending a review (usually no more than sixty minutes), your promotion will be active on Instagram. For those familiar with social media marketing, this process will […]


Silverstone 24h

We can’t wait for the upcoming 24h Series at Silverstone this weekend as we support the OCC Lasik Racing Team. It is no secret that we at Webheads are huge petrolheads and we have a big motorsport following in our offices. Exciting times indeed as there is a great digital aspect to the race in the form of onboard live streams so that we can stay on the literal pulse of the action as and when it happens! In fact, combining the digital online realms with the word of motorsport is a passion of Webheads that has infiltrated our web design portfolio. One of our longstanding clients of motorsport website design is […]


Websites that make leads Happen are designed by Webheads

Happen came to Webheads as they were looking for a website design experience that could represent them around the world seamlessly. Therefore online branding took a big slant of the project with the need to present a cohesive image to website visitors from around the world. We took a less is more approach to their branding which paid off in spades. Strong colours juxtaposed against a clear white font and iconography made for an attention grabbing (but not abrasive) visual impact which keeps the eye drawn to the website. We were conscious that this needed to be a stoic and long-standing design, so we were sure to implement the colourings and stylings […]


Preparing for the Next Web Design Frontier – HTTP2

What do I need to know?: The main thing to take from all of this is that new developments bring with them new improvements. Websites designed on standard HTTP will still function as normal, but websites designed specifically for HTTP2 (or optimised for same) will perform that bit better. As we know with the competition online today, those searching online are spoilt for choice and may gravitate towards websites which load and perform better and faster than others as this forms part of a better overall Ux. This can get quite technical and dense; but it is suffice to say that HTTP2 is poised to become the new standard in swift and […]