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Webheads / News / 10 Reasons to Work with a Web Agency
10 reasons to work with a web agency webheads

10 Reasons to Work with a Web Agency

Why work with a web agency instead of the likes of a freelancer or online service provider? There are many reasons for this which we go into below and they show why it is more beneficial to have the backing and support of a web agency if you are serious about the long-term success and scale of your business and brand.

While there are many web agencies out there of varying skill and size, the very nature of an agency brings with it many aspects that are idealistic to turbocharge the success of your business online.

10 Reasons to Work with a Web Agency

When working with a web agency you get the backing of a full web agency team too. With a freelancer you are reduced to working with one single person and the extent of their skills and abilities. With a team this is the exact opposite – there are multiple teams of people who all bring their combined skills and abilities to your project. This also means that you are not reliant on just a single person to deliver your project. What if they become sick and are unable to work for a while, or if their main working device (i.e. computer / laptop) breaks down in the middle of designing your website? There are many more risks involved with the success of your project when it all comes down to one person. A team effort is what you get when you work with a web agency and so you have much less risk and much more probability of success thanks to the full efforts of a professional web agency team.

A web agency survives by working with more and more clients and gaining more and more experience along the way. This is not just experience with designing websites and launching advertising campaigns for example; it is also gaining experience of every part of the process when working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. So an agency can know what to expect at certain points when completing tasks for you and they can also assign their best team members who are best suited with the skills and experience that your project needs. Experience also equates to project management and systems that can be implemented after working on many projects that allows for a smooth and seamless process for you.

Yet another aspect of having more people on board and a full team working with your business is the fact that there are many more people to brainstorm with. So when the likes of your website is being planned and designed, there are an abundance of people thinking of ways to make it as best as possible. Pulling together their experience and track record from previous work and projects, they can suggest ideas and ways with which to elevate your project to the next level. People can also bounce ideas off each other and enjoy the creative energy that collaboration brings in situations like this. All of this business and branding brainstorming opens up your project to bigger and better opportunities and possibilities with a team of people working together to support it.

With the structures and systems that a professional web agency will have in place, they should be able to provide you with a clear pathway and timelines for the projects(s) you task them with. Take a custom website design for example. They can explain how the developers may begin with the wireframe which will take X amount of weeks and then the designers will need X amount of weeks afterwards etc. When working with just one single person on the entire project, will they be able to manage your project and stick to timelines properly when also juggling other client work? The manpower that a professional team brings means that some web agencies can deliver your project both on time and on budget (which is exactly our ethos here at Webheads).

As they are a larger business entity, web agencies have a brand and reputation of their own to maintain. It is easy to see negative reviews and feedback online attached to a business (Google Reviews, Trustpilot etc.) as opposed to a freelancer who can just rebrand / rename themselves and set up fresh new profiles on online service provider websites (essentially erasing any of their negative feedback from the past). While a web agency can technically do this too, it is far more unlikely that they would go to this trouble to unravel their entire brand and business model. Rather they strive to provide you with guarantees and USPs to be able to compete with others in the web agency sector and if anything want to work that bit harder to ensure all of their team members are paid and most importantly their clients are happy.

10 reasons to work with a web agency webheads

If your particular project requires something that is more niche and rare, you are limited overall in terms of web agencies and freelancers who can help. However as a web agency is part of a network of like minded professionals and will have peers and connections in the industry, they may be able to bring on the personnel needed for that particular aspect of your project. Not only in terms of project needs, but even after your project is complete they may know of potential clients, customers and collaborators for your business if they have worked with similar people in the past or simply know of them through their years in business. It is not uncommon when working with a web agency that their connections and network can benefit both your project and your business before, during and after you work with them.

Press Exposure
One of the ways in which a web agency can increase their profile and visibility is through press exposure and awards. For example one of their website designs may win awards and industry recognition or even their agency itself can be up for awards and special achievements too. As a byproduct of this, your brand and business can receive some of this exposure as it is connected to the web agency and listed as one of their clients in their portfolio etc. This shows that you as a business owner have chosen an award-winning and industry leading web agency to work with. Even better, it could be your own website design / project that they complete which wins an award and therefore the exposure and traffic you will receive as a result is even greater.

You can see some of the most common themes when it comes to reasons to work with a web agency relate to the fact they have a team and the skills that this team can bring. This cannot be underestimated as working with specialists for each area of your project is the equivalent to getting your car worked on for example by those who know exactly what to do reliably for best results. Changing tyres requires very different skills to changing an engine. Do you want just one single who is just ‘ok’ at doing both of these, or would you rather a tyre specialist and an engine specialist respectively to be working on these different and important aspects? Working with a web agency not only gives you access to the manpower of a team, but also to all of their skills in dedicated spaces and aspects too.

Ongoing Support
Web agencies often offer support packages for clients who may need some extra help to manage their new website or they may even want to outsource the likes of copywriting and social media marketing to the web agency. Yet apart from this option, most web agencies (including us here at Webheads) also build in this support after your project / task is complete. Let’s say your website launches fine but in a week something is not working as it should be or as expected, a web agency should account for this and include this level of support for X amount of weeks / months while things are still new and embedding in. It should be noted that things like this going wrong are rare, but you are safe in the knowledge that your web agency is ready to spring into action and support if needed. If your freelancer on the other hand is busy working on another client project by themselves, can they jump in quickly to help or will they be wanting to charge you for more time to help?

Social Proof
We know that reviews and testimonials are worth their weight in gold and we rely on them even when it comes to booking a restaurant reservation or shopping online etc. A web agency prides themselves on this aspect too and should have very visible and accessible social proof such as Google Reviews and a ‘Clients’ or ‘Portfolio’ section on their website to highlight this. A web agency is a dedicated business that wants to build bigger and better – vastly different to an individual who may be offering their skills as what has come to be known as a ‘side hustle’. Being visible and transparent means that a web agency is easy to get to know and contact. It is not going to simply disappear by deactivating it’s listing on an online service provider website should it choose to or if something were to not go as planned.

If you are serious about your brand and business and want to invest in it to succeed, it makes so much sense to work with a web agency. Not only can your business be turbocharged to survive, thrive and be profitable online; a good web agency should be able to predict a level of return on investment for your business to prove their worth and add to their already impressive portfolio of existing clients. Designing custom websites and helping businesses with their online needs for well over twenty years, we here at Webheads can help and ensure your projects are always delivered both on time and on budget.

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