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Webheads / News / Does my Business Need to be on TikTok?
does my business need to be on tiktok webheads leading london web agency

Does my Business Need to be on TikTok?

Just as any other marketing strategy tactic, the solution to this question depends on the brand you're seeking to advertise. Entering a new platform like Tiktok can be advantageous, but infrequent posting or irregular content creation may harm your brand's integrity more than not having any engagement at all.

Before all else, you shouldn’t use TikTok just for the sake of using it. Rather, you should carefully consider whether marketing on TikTok may help you expand your brand’s reach or raise your revenue by analysing your audience and brand identity.

What are some positive signs that you should give TikTok a try?

  • Your target audience is on the younger specturm (aged between 16 – 45).
  • You’re looking to reach a younger audience and increase awareness of your business or brand.
  • If your brand is highly visual. Any brand that can effectively market itself through videos (which constitute the majority of TikTok’s content) is referred to as a visual brand.
  • Showcasing your product / service on video is easy and straightforward.
  • You’re okay to share humorous, light-hearted content of your brand.
  • You’re willing to try something new.
  • You’re open to dedicating time in exploring the platform and its material.
  • If your brand can benefit from TikTok influencer exposure. Direct brand material isn’t always well received by Gen Z, but subtly mentioning your product or service through influencers is generally accepted.

In reality, TikTok isn’t a platform that should be taken too seriously. Businesses who produce entertaining, lighthearted visually appealing, and trend-following videos on TikTok tend to do best.

There aren’t many reasons why your business shouldn’t be on TikTok. To get a scope, here would be some reasons:

  • You don’t want your brand to be exposed to 1 billion active users.
  • You don’t want to target ages between 18 – 45.
  • You don’t want to advertise on a platform where screentime averages 52 minutes per day.
  • If your business falls into TikTok’s brand and industry prohibition list – alcoholic products, cigarettes or tobacco, gambling, weaponry etc.

Feeling inspired? Here’s a list of business-related content to get you kick-started on your TikTok journey!

  • Day-to-day routine videos – This private chef shows off her skillset and daily routine!
  • Boxing and unboxing videosStellaraeboutique satisfyingly simple.
  • Behind-the-scenes footagePeachyslime sharing the manufacturing process in such a creative way.
  • Content that reflects your brand valuesPatagonia does it so well!
  • Showcase your employeesShopbinstores keeping it short and sweet.
  • Create product campaigns and tease sneak peaksEmCosmetics comedy gold!

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