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Webheads / News / Webheads brings nearly 30 years of experience to web hosting in London
web hosting in london webheads leading web agency

Webheads brings nearly 30 years of experience to web hosting in London

Looking to partner with an agency that has experience and knowledge in web hosting? Webheads understand that having a reliable hosting partner for your website is key to it's success.

Having a website is an essential way to generate online traffic and grow your business revenue. However, there’s more to a website than simply setting one up and leaving it sitting there in the background. Many businesses who do this soon find out that poor website functionality, web hosting and bad user experience can hinder their online performance.

Besides having a good web design and strong SEO; another factor that determines the success of your website is hosting. This doesn’t mean just purchasing a domain name! You need to actively update and monitor your website hosting. That’s why partnering with a reliable web hosting agency can really benefit your business in the long run.

Why is web hosting important for your website?

Web hosting is important because:

  1. It gives you a safe and stable server environment: Only a safe web host provides a network space that is strong enough to fight online threats and cyber-attacks.

  2. It gives you a good amount of data storage: If you put a limit on storage it can lead your website to shut down when traffic is high on your webpage.

  3. You get reliable customer service: A good web hosting partner will always be there when you need any kind of technical assistance or support with your website.

  4. It improves the speed of your website: Without reliable hosting, slow loading times and crashes can affect the user experience of your website visitors.

Our Load Balanced Web Servers

We have our own dedicated hosting servers for all our clients to use, with a 100% server uptime and a fully redundant system. This system allows for significantly greater performance than can be achieved by a single server. In addition if any of the services on a single server fail, the requests will be automatically routed to the remaining server. As a result, downtime related to server failures or administrative maintenance is effectively eliminated.

Webheads have nearly 30 years of experience in web hosting

If you’re looking to team up with a leading web hosting agency in London, then look no further than Webheads. Our load balanced web servers are not run by someone else, they’re all managed by us! Our system is held in climate-controlled cabinets that benefit from multiple redundancy power supply systems and our connectivity comes through three separate providers giving us redundancy and high availability.

If you’d like to work with us, we would be more than happy to offer great insights and discuss your website’s technical requirements with a free consultation call. Simply get in touch (click / tap here) to speak to a member of our team today – you can also fill out your details in the pop-up too!

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