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Web hosting

We don’t use other people’s webservers. We have our own dedicated webservers. What this means to our clients is – 100% server uptime – and a fully redundant system.

We operate a Load Balanced Webserver Systems, which is a group of servers that intelligently service requests made to a single domain name. This high performance architecture allows for significantly greater performance than can be achieved by a single server. In addition, if any of the services on a single server fail, the requests will be automatically routed to the remaining server. As a result, downtime related to server failures or administrative maintenance is effectively eliminated.

Web Hosting – Load Balanced web servers

Our servers are backed up daily and all tapes are held securely off-site. The systems are housed in climate-controlled cabinets that benefit from multiple redundancy power supply systems and our connectivity comes through three separate providers giving us redundancy and high availability. Support is 24/7 365 days a year.

Additional servers at our Head Office location ensure that the online servers are backed up to allow rapid replacement of systems in case of catastrophic failure. We have a vast experience in integrating cross-platform solutions.


Our web servers operate a very high level of security to protect the various eCommerce systems that reside on our servers. We meet the PCI Data Security Standards as specified by VISA, MasterCard & AMEX Data Protection Programs. All systems are Firewalled and administration access is limited to the data centers where they are located and our own offices

We’re happy to discuss your technical requirements like bandwidth, security and dedicated servers just email us to talk about your website’s home.