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Specialising in relocation management reaching over 180 countries, Sterling are a global operations company with a slogan of “the business of listening.” For both personal (family) and commercial (business) clients, Sterling assist with the logistics of making the move abroad from start to finish. With co-ordination and efficiency at its core, this is a big business with a big responsibility riding on its shoulders with every client it takes on. When they came to us seeking a fresh corporate website within a tight deadline, we rose to the challenge.

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“I approached Webheads to create a brand new adaptive website for us. The project timeframe was tight but they delivered and we’ve had such great feedback from clients about the new look! The team are great to work with, flexible and completely transparent which is rare these days!”

—Sterling Senior Marketing

The homepage for the corporate website design really set the tone for Sterling. The expansive imagery of skylines, maps and architecture parlayed the global nature of the business, but personable details within these images such as people walking, trains and passports kept this grounded and therefore relatable. A blue and white colour scheme was chosen as this matched the Sterling logo and provided a great economical palette with which to display the classic black font against.

We were handed a tight deadline with this project so we were of course keen to deliver on time (which we did). While we never rush our work, we were conscious that the massive logistics behind Sterling’s business model of international relocation needed to be delivered in a way that would welcome and not scare off new clients. Therefore infographics and strong headings and straplines punctuate the pages so that they are not dragged down by too much text content. With this conscious balance of text and imagery, the content of the website settled into a digestible manner for the website visitors.

Standard website features were included such as a contact section to field enquiries and a blog section broken down into news, events and insights. Within this articles are housed which touch on subjects from around the world as these are topics which may affect Sterling’s clientele – a quick look through and we can see articles in relation to Italy, Brazil, Malaysia and Turkey. We presented these in separate tiles which assist with interactive navigation and visually help to segregate and curate content for the different types of clients and website visitors that Sterling receive.

Working to a tight deadline, Webheads delivered this project both on time and on budget. We respect the time of all of our clients and always accommodate them in terms of lead times and deadlines. This never compromises on quality driven outcomes, rather it highlights our skills and shows what we can do when put to the test. Sterling were extremely satisfied with the fresh, modern and responsive corporate website design which they are proud to act as their main and most robust online presence and carry the Sterling name online.

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