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Webheads / News / Why choose Webheads for your intranet or extranet design?
intranet or extranet webheads london

Why choose Webheads for your intranet or extranet design?

Effective communication is a key requirement of any business environment, especially with your internal employees and external clients and partners. That is why having an efficient intranet and extranet can be so beneficial to your company.

Some businesses use their corporate intranet/extranets to promote internal communication whereas some place their intranet at the very heart of every internal process in their company. It doesn’t matter how big or small your extranet or intranet is, but there is no doubt that they can revolutionise many aspects of your company life.

What’s an intranet?

An intranet is an internal (and private) network that businesses use to enable employees to share information, improve communications and collaborate together. It’s essentially like a company’s own private website – with the same structure and network protocols that the internet has. The main difference is that it is protected from unauthorised users by a firewall.

What’s an extranet?

An extranet is similar to an intranet, as it is also a private network but it’s usually open to external parties as well as staff. This includes business partners, important customers and suppliers. Companies tend to have an extranet to allow users to share pieces of information, exchange data and applications and generally keep communication flowing.

Why should your business have its own intranet or extranet?

If you’re wondering why your company should set up its own intranet and / or extranet, then the first vital piece of information that you should know is that they can both become portals for making everyday business more streamlined. Not only do they give you a secure and reliable network to share files and data amongst employees, but they also strengthen communication. Why? Well, an intranet allows your employees to share documents and instructions much quicker online and in a secure way. As for an extranet, this allows you to communicate with your customers, suppliers and business partners quickly and efficiently, helping you to gather repeat business for the future.

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