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Webheads / News / 3 PPC Campaign Hacks your Business Needs to Know
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3 PPC Campaign Hacks your Business Needs to Know

A good PPC campaign is great for businesses in terms of gaining visibility online. When done correctly, it can even help your brand to keep up with bigger, more well-known competitors!

A PPC campaign (pay-per-click) is a very effective way of promoting your brand online, helping you to get more visitors and conversions through your website. Unlike other forms of paid advertising, PPC works just like its sounds. Every time someone clicks on your advert and visits your company website; you pay a small fee. Although this seems cost-effective, when done incorrectly it can start to add up and all for very little return.

Why? PPC campaigns need to be constantly monitored, analysed and adjusted to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment for your money. If you’re struggling to make good ROI from your ads, take a look at these 3 simple PPC campaign hacks that your business can start implementing ASAP.

Target your business’ ideal customer

The most successful PPC campaigns are always highly targeted, so make sure that yours aren’t currently casting the net too wide. Instead, make sure you’re identifying and targeting your ideal customer – you want to ensure that your campaign is grabbing their attention online! To do this, create buyer personas of who you think your brand’s customers are. Once you know this, it’s easy to target them with your PPC ads.

Use negative keywords in your PPC campaign

Your target keywords are important, but so too are negative keywords when it comes to PPC. These are words that tell Google Ads which search terms are similar to your target keywords, but not exactly relevant to your campaign or brand. They’re important as negative keywords prevent search engines from displaying your ads in search queries that are irrelevant to your campaign. This creates a more focussed PPC campaign that’ll generate more ROI.

Create landing pages to match the search intent of your ads

You might think that landing pages are only valuable to your website’s SEO but they can actually benefit your PPC campaigns too. When designed well and combined with PPC, these landing pages encourage conversions, improve your ROI and can effectively help to reduce your web page’s bounce rate. This is a great PPC campaign hack as it also crosses over with your organic SEO efforts too!

Need help with your PPC campaign? Contact Webheads for a free consultation!

We can use our years of experience in the digital marketing space to work alongside you and create a PPC campaign strategy to suit the wants and needs of your business. If you’re interested in partnering with Webheads for your PPC campaigns, then why not book a free strategy call? You might even want to align this with our other marketing services such as SEO

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