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Webheads / News / Celebrating Pride Month at Webheads
celebrating pride 2022 webheads leading london web agency

Celebrating Pride Month at Webheads

With June 2022 being Pride month, we take a look at the work we have completed for Budweiser Pride in conjunction with the Revolt London design agency. We here at Webheads are an inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly web agency (with our London office based in Soho) and always welcome the chance to work with brands and clients who also align with this.

When it came to Budweiser, they were a proud sponsor of Pride in London and as such required a bespoke web presence to help promote this. They also released a range of cups that represented different flags and identities and they wanted to showcase how they were using their global brand name recognition and influence for good. This culminated in the launch of their dedicated Bud Pride website for this and we here at Webheads made use of our decades of experience to bring their vision beautifully to life online.

Connecting the aspect of colour to identity and branding, we made sure to incorporate the various flag colour palettes and colour schemes into the design in a harmonious and seamless way as to not be overpowering but to still represent as needed. All the while the use of the classic Budweiser branding and logo bolstered the design with a visual reminder to website visitors that this was a global brand representing and supporting Pride on the world stage. Budweiser were delighted with the finished results and the Bud Pride website captured exactly what they had hoped to convey at this socially important and conscious time of the year.

Webheads is always delighted to support LGBTQ+ causes and work with businesses and brands that are members of and / or align with and support this community. With our decades of experience we have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life and will always continue to do so in the future to come!

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