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Webheads / News / Platinum Jubilee – Our work with Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle
Tourism website design platinum jubilee webheads

Platinum Jubilee – Our work with Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle

Congratulations ma'am and God Save The Queen! We are all in awe of you as our reigning monarch celebrating an incredible 70 years on the throne with a Platinum Jubilee. In the spirit of the celebration, we take a look back at our tourism website design for Buckingham Palace tours, Windsor Castle tours and the Tower of London tours too.

Buckingham Palace Tours
It is both an honour and a treat for our team when we get to work on such an iconic location like Buckingham Palace. Not only is this a rich source of history, but also a rich source of recognisable content and information to aid in the custom web design progress. So when tasked with creating a custom website and bespoke digital presence for Golden Tours for the Buckingham Palace attraction; we made sure to deliver a design that draws the user in and makes tourists even more keen to see the living quarters of the Queen.

Windsor Castle Tours
Likewise when it came to the Golden Tours custom website for Windsor Castle, the same gravitas and grandiose elements were at play. Along with the stunning photography and information of the location which we used to populate the webpages; we also implemented our expert user experience (UX) to facilitate a sleek and seamless interface for all website visitors. Not only does this help them to enjoy browsing and using the website, it also effectively guides them towards booking tickets i.e. converting into customers for Golden Tours.

Tower of London Tours
A beautiful landmark with an outdoor focus, our custom website design for Golden Tours and their Tower of London attraction benefitted from scenic and panoramic views of the stunning London city surroundings visible from the Bridge itself. Delving into the history, architecture and significance of the bridge – the custom website was a treasure trove of information and insights that helped website visitors decide to visit it in person and book tickets to do so. So not only were Golden Tours empowered with yet another slick and speedy website delivered on time and on budget; they also have another conversion making tool for their business goals.

Let’s not forget, none of the above would be as big of an attraction that they are today if it were not for the Queen and her enduring national and international popularity and appeal. It was an honour to work on custom websites and bespoke web presences in relation to these exquisite entities. Something we are reminded of with renewed focus now as we celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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