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How Creative Website Design for the Corporate Client Works

We designed the website for Happen ( as they came to us seeking a fresh and responsive corporate website design to reflect both their vision and their business ethos. Happen works by identifying any frustrations or niches in the market and creating innovative ways for their clients to fill these gaps and meet these needs. Their corporate website design required a straightforward design which had impact and an instant appeal to visitors and with our use of high quality imagery, strong primary colours and universal icons, we did just that. Happen were extremely happy with the result and even received positive feedback from their own clients: “Wow! What a great website. Love […]


What Makes a Successful eCommerce Website

The Dublin Pass website explained to visitors the attractions on offer and even provided a suggested breakdown of what to see and as to how availing of the pass would grant the user benefits such as fast track entry and monetary savings. From the get-go, this combined a business savvy eCommerce slant with a welcoming and genuinely interesting website – a win-win for both visitors and the brand owners. Green was a chosen design colour in keeping with the aesthetic vibe of the Emerald Isle and was utilised within an easy to navigate tiled and tabbed interface. Knowing that the Dublin Pass website would be accessed from around the world, there includes […]


Music to your Eyes – Record Label Website Design

Sicuppy Records was envisioned as an early social media platform for new and unsigned acts. It worked via a voting system whereby website visitors and fans could vote for their favourite acts as a way to signify their following. Sicuppy Records was a great platform for these artists which was directly responsible for many artist and band launches, helped to promote their music and also increased their exposure to gain new fans and a greater following. Their website was designed with a sense of community in mind to allow visitors to browse and discover new acts and to easily vote for them while also seeing their following. Search and Destroy Records focused […]


Webheads is 22 . . . and the Internet is only 25

An early adopter of web design (we were founded in 1994) has seen us work with clients from all industries and sectors in various scopes and sizes from all around the world. We have remained faithful to our roots and continue to specialise in high-quality, bespoke website design that is fairly priced and optimally functional. Our clients sought us out (and continue to do so) because they know they will receive a professional, proper and pain-free working relationship with Webheads. Having been in the business for over 20 years, we fully understand traditional and modern best practices for business websites but also make sure to customise each and every one so it […]


Staying Power – How Fashion Websites Get it Right

Let’s take a look at the website we designed for renowned stylist Angus Buchanan ( The word ‘timeless’ comes to mind here as his website exists to showcase some of his most iconic work in a functional and responsive space. Buchanan’s main spheres of work are within fashion, interiors and events. Each of these facets are dictated by trends – but these trends are also filtered through the lens of the stylist. Buchanan has his own style that he is sought out for, hence only the content of his website needs to be changed when he completes a new project. In this way, his on trend work makes its way onto his […]


Why Webheads Web Branding Works

We usually recommend a face-to-face meeting to ascertain what you want your branding to do and to connote to your current customers and also to potential customers. If this is not feasible due to distance or time constraints; we can of course meet virtually via Skype etc. Working with the key people in your company, we leave no stone unturned and discuss colours, text, images, graphics, video, animations and more if required. You tell us what you want your branding to achieve and we make that into a reality. Not only does this immensely benefit your company both immediately and in the long run, but it also assists your online presence as […]


How Writing Sets your Project a Cut Above the Rest

Writing for Images While a picture can say 1,000 words, it has a limited vocabulary so to speak. A picture of a product that you are selling on your website will show what the product looks like and how it can be used in real life settings; but it cannot show you the price for example without relying on text to do so. Therefore images and graphics are often constructed with text superimposed over them to provide the complete picture to those who view it. Writing for SEO Google habitually scans websites to read their content to help decide where websites should rank on the search engine results page. But Google reads […]


Marketing with Morals – The World Wide Web in Context

We ran a social media campaign for Stella Artois around Christmas time which comprised of an eshot (to over 100,000 recipients) and a presence on their social media channels. While it was a definite success (securing a 28.9% open rate above the industry average of 21%); we were sure to handle the promotion of alcohol sensibly by marketing with morals. On their UK FaceBook page for example, a prominent message displayed over the content to make this loud and clear “Please note that this application is for users aged 18+ only, please do not share with anyone under the age of 18.” While this was only a prize application to win a […]


Motorsport web design

Webheads is in the pole position when it comes to specialising in fulfilling the online needs for motorsport web design. The stature of the motorsport world dictates a professional and polished image online – something which we deliver time and again in spades. Mission Motorsport is one example of a professional website built “To aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations by providing opportunities through Motorsport” with the tagline of “Race. Retrain. Recover.” Our website design for NMU Insurance features a dedicated section on motorsport insurance and commercial teams to meet the needs and demands of racers and teams from all over the UK. For those only starting […]


Why Website Visitors Respond to Quality Content

Quality content is the deciding factor as to if a website is ‘good’ or not to serve its intended purpose. Note how the word ‘content’ is used here as opposed to quality text or quality graphics. You know yourself when you browse online that you are looking for something. In particular, you are using the internet to empower you by answering your question and/or fulfilling your need. This could be achieved by a block of text, an image or a video etc. As part of the WebHeads portfolio, we have designed and launched websites for the Dublin Pass, Las Vegas Pass, London Pass and Vienn a Pass websites. Information and accessibility were the aims […]