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How we Design and Deploy a Fully Functioning eCommerce Website

When clients come to us seeking an online shop element for their business website, we always make sure to keep this at the forefront of our minds during the design process. This seeps into the overall layout and design of your website and also becomes evident in the imagery and text used within your website. A full throttle approach such as this results in the presence of your online shop and shopping cart being known and accessible without being forced onto your website visitors. See our eCommerce website design for the London Pass website as an example. The yellow ‘Buy Now’ button in the header, smattering of attractions and prices in the […]


How we Create Luxury Website Design Interfaces

The website we designed for Senzati illustrates this point well. Senzati provide VIP transportation for their clients in their luxuriously modified Mercedes vehicles with their flagship being that of the Jet Sprinter. To showcase this expansive (and expensive) vehicle, we made sure to utilise full screen imagery which went edge to edge for the screens of both desktop and mobile devices. This allowed every detail of the vehicles to be showcased such as the embossed leather seats, sound and screen systems and spacious tinted windows and sunroof. Straplines accompanied these images explaining for example that the vehicles can be further customised to suit specific client requests and journeys. While visual aspects are […]


Review of Website Design 2016

NMU Insurance: We modernised NMU’s web presence by building and designing a clean and clear website that divided their different insurance sectors by using a tile-based layout. Within each tile lies a wealth of information for the website visitor (and potential customer), ensuring to implement calls-to-action and easy navigation for that all important user experience (our specialty at Webheads). Supreme Court Events: When high-profile political clients require a website that they know will receive a lot of traffic and public interest, they contact the expert team here at Webheads and entrust the task to us. We designed an impressive and sophisticated website for Supreme Court Events to showcase their venue and services […]


How a Seasonal Website can Remain Relevant all Year Round

One of the more recent additions to our sprawling client portfolio is that of Santa Holidays from Canterbury Travel which specialises in holidays to Lapland and meets and greets with Santa Claus himself. Understandably, their seasonal website sees the most traffic and interaction in the winter season during the run up to Christmas. However they also offer summer trips to Lapland by highlighting how ‘unspoiled’ and magical the country is all year round. This is reflected in the text and copywriting of the website in a way which reveals to the website visitors that Lapland is a destination that can be visited and enjoyed all year round. Due to this reliance on text, […]


UX – The User Design Experience from Webheads

Simplicity and efficiency were key when we designed the Supreme Court Events website. Featuring a floating header and succinct webpages gives website visitors a consolidated and concise user design experience. Navigation is made easy as the header with different options is always present but never intrusive. In terms of booking a room or even hiring the venue itself, testimonials played a big part in influencing the decision of those who visited the website (in fact, testimonials are paramount online when trying to sell a product and/or service). Rather than feature testimonials about themselves, Supreme Court Events flip this on its head and instead feature ‘Accredited Suppliers’ and ‘Highlights’ sections to stem the […]


Who are my Website Visitors?
We Can Tell You

What is Lead Forensics? Advanced B2B lead generation is available at Webheads through a software we offer (and use ourselves) called Lead Forensics. This lets you see who has visited your website, what content they looked at and how long they spent viewing it. Sound familiar to Google Analytics? Lead Forensics goes one step further by providing you with the company, contact name and contact details of the person visiting your site where possible and also tells how the visit history of each contact – even after they close down a session on your website. Kept all on a single dashboard, Lead Forensics makes B2B lead generation a manageable and effective part […]


Webheads is a Global Agency – Overseas Clients Welcome

With Brexit bringing a boon in Euro and Dollar trading against the Pound Sterling, we are also an extremely cost efficient choice for our overseas clients who appreciate top quality website design and digital agency services at affordable prices. If we look to credit card company JCB, they were an overseas client (the JCB credit card originates in Japan) who contacted Webheads as they were looking to increase their online presence in the European market. This resulted in the design of their dedicated JCB Europe website – a thoroughly professional and responsive business website, perfect for making that first impression and making business happen. We are also sought after to bring world […]


How Creative Website Design for the Corporate Client Works

We designed the website for Happen ( as they came to us seeking a fresh and responsive corporate website design to reflect both their vision and their business ethos. Happen works by identifying any frustrations or niches in the market and creating innovative ways for their clients to fill these gaps and meet these needs. Their corporate website design required a straightforward design which had impact and an instant appeal to visitors and with our use of high quality imagery, strong primary colours and universal icons, we did just that. Happen were extremely happy with the result and even received positive feedback from their own clients: “Wow! What a great website. Love […]


What Makes a Successful eCommerce Website

The Dublin Pass website explained to visitors the attractions on offer and even provided a suggested breakdown of what to see and as to how availing of the pass would grant the user benefits such as fast track entry and monetary savings. From the get-go, this combined a business savvy eCommerce slant with a welcoming and genuinely interesting website – a win-win for both visitors and the brand owners. Green was a chosen design colour in keeping with the aesthetic vibe of the Emerald Isle and was utilised within an easy to navigate tiled and tabbed interface. Knowing that the Dublin Pass website would be accessed from around the world, there includes […]


Music to your Eyes – Record Label Website Design

Sicuppy Records was envisioned as an early social media platform for new and unsigned acts. It worked via a voting system whereby website visitors and fans could vote for their favourite acts as a way to signify their following. Sicuppy Records was a great platform for these artists which was directly responsible for many artist and band launches, helped to promote their music and also increased their exposure to gain new fans and a greater following. Their website was designed with a sense of community in mind to allow visitors to browse and discover new acts and to easily vote for them while also seeing their following. Search and Destroy Records focused […]