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Facebook’s New Look News Feed

This isn’t just another change to your homepage, facebook have gone all out on this one. Having learnt from their trusty sidekicks and competitors over at Twitter HQ and Google+ (the new design may be quite familiar to those of you using Google+, naughty facebook!),


Choosing the right Social Media platform to Market your business

Marketing and advertising have changed dramatically in recent years and nothing has affected this more than the advent of social media platforms because they have completely changed the way we communicate with our audience.


Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites for Marketing

In a world which is evidently evolving at a far greater pace than it ever has before, where technology reigns supreme and where companies are competing voraciously for our attention, it is becoming increasingly challenging for marketers to capture their audience.


Attract and Engage your Facebook Followers

The importance of an online social media presence is becoming more prevalent in today’s world and with this, companies are beginning to realise the massive potential that can be found in having an group of loyal followers with whom they can engage on a more personal level.