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A Picture Really Does Say 1,000 Words

Pictures resonate with those who view them because they are easy to relate to. Whether they contain a colour that a person likes or a product that they can see in a real-life setting; they are an easier medium to process when it comes to conveying information. We recently designed a website for top fashion, interior and set stylist Angus Buchanan. Buchanan began his career under the tutelage of Mario Testino and since branching out on his own has gone on to work with the likes of Dior and Versace with spreads in GQ and Vogue among others. Understandably, his work is very visual and aesthetic based and his website was built […]


Why your website needs a Story

Good web design and web branding tells your brand story through engaging visual content and exceptional copy, drawing  customers into each new page of the website and leaving them with absolutely no doubt about what you do, and the passion and purpose behind your brand. “Storytelling” is a bit of a buzzword, and for good reason; it’s through stories that we are able to engage people – storytelling is our most primary form of communication, it is how we access, store, manage and communicate information. Our brains are intrinsically wired for storytelling as our primary means of communication. It is primal. It is essential. It Sells. Storytelling is an immersive experience for […]


One Page Websites – Pro’s and Con’s

PRO’S For some businesses, the one page website is your customer’s wet dream, it will feel sleek, uninterrupted and visually pleasing; your storyline can be easily identified in the flow as each page smoothly rolls into the next, and the design captures the imagination of the reader, painting a picture that has them totally sold on your brand. Flow of Information Never wanting your customer to miss important information on your website, the one-page offers an easy solution. As the pages aren’t separated, there aren’t any big, heavy blocks of info, and customers cannot simply leave a page. Instead, the reader will need to take the time to look over each segment […]


WWDC 2015: Extracting the Apple juice

This year’s WWDC took place on June 8th-12th in San Francisco and featured over 100 technical sessions, hands-on labs and the Apple Design Awards. As expected, Apple showcased updates to both its iOS and OSX operating systems, as well as Apple Pay and Apple Music. iOS 9 (the iPhone and iPad operating system) will be a leap forward in intelligence and performance compared to iOS 8, and interaction with Siri will be more advanced. Rather than the major design change in iOS 7, the movement to iOS 9 is mostly behind the scenes, improving efficiency, speed and actually taking up less room in the internal memory, which will be a relief for […]


Facebook Adds Messenger Encryption

Not too long ago Facebook added another security change by making the site accessible via Tor onion service and now the spotlight is on OpenPGP. In 1991 Phil Zimmermann created PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), which was created to scramble messages so that it can only be read by the intended recipient.  OpenPGP derived from PGP and is the most widely used email encryption standard. In order to encrypt and decrypt messages with OpenPGP you have to have a pair of keys. One is a public key that is available to the public and helps to encrypt the message, which can only be opened by the private key that is known privately by […]


Ecommerce and PCI Compliancy – Is your business at risk?

So what does that mean for your business? Well, it means that complex integrations between payment gateways and your ecommerce site are not normally necessary.  That’s good news for both cost and compliancy. The right solution for the vast majority of our clients is what we refer to as an ‘iFrame’. In simple terms, it means that as your customer checks out, they are actually taken to the Sage Pay site for their card processing. No card information is held on your server, SagePay take all the risk and you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance. Brilliant! The reality is that even large multinationals now use this method to transact payments […]


Facebook Marketing – The Decline of Unpaid Communications

Here at Webheads, we’ve always understood that Facebook marketing was really about remarketing rather than a front-line sales tool; and we help our clients to balance information, entertainment and marketing. Promotion shouldn’t be the lion’s share, or the audience will switch off, never to return. So a careful mix of shared articles, general information, fun, competitions and sales. Sounds great, and it was for a while, so what went wrong? “Why is it that I have 3,000 fans but my posts are being seen by only 150 people?” is the cry we hear time and time again from companies that manage their own pages. Well, the answer can be found in that […]


Periscope App Social media broadcasting

Periscope is a brand new live broadcasting app that is taking the world by storm. The makers say that they wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation; so that people could see the world through the eyes of the people living in it. Whether that’s from the viewpoint of a protester in Ukraine, or watching a sunrise from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia. Can it beat its closest rival Meerkat? In just a few weeks both have seen celebrity uptake. But what can it do for businesses like yours?


How we get the “Feel Good Factor”

A couple of years ago, the Samaritans ran a poll amongst workers to see what the most fulfilling part of a job was. Relationships came out on top. It’s pretty obvious really. If you get on with the people you work with, and those you work for, life is going to be pretty sweet. And that’s how we work here at Webheads. We have a great team who work together to bring life to collaborative visions we have with our clients. There’s no better feeling than a job well done.


Google’s Mobile Friendly Site Test

Google recently announced that from April 21st, their ranking system will take into account if your site is mobile-friendly. Of course, this is positive for the way we, as users, use the internet. We search for information on our laptops, tablets and smart phones. Will you pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Site Test? Whether you use responsive or adaptive design, both will optimise the user experience on the many different devices that we use to view the internet.