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Webheads / News / Webheads is a Global Agency – Overseas Clients Welcome

Webheads is a Global Agency – Overseas Clients Welcome

Even though we are primarily based in the UK, Webheads is truly a global web design and digital agency that welcomes overseas clients and enquiries from around the world. Our sprawling portfolio sees us act as the digital agency for Kuhne + Nagel (based in mainland Europe) and we also designed and launched the website for Infraco Asia for example.

With Brexit bringing a boon in Euro and Dollar trading against the Pound Sterling, we are also an extremely cost efficient choice for our overseas clients who appreciate top quality website design and digital agency services at affordable prices.

If we look to credit card company JCB, they were an overseas client (the JCB credit card originates in Japan) who contacted Webheads as they were looking to increase their online presence in the European market. This resulted in the design of their dedicated JCB Europe website – a thoroughly professional and responsive business website, perfect for making that first impression and making business happen. We are also sought after to bring world famous companies into the online consciousness of the vast UK market. We designed the Planet Hollywood London website with this goal as part of the client brief. This required two main elements, to convey the fun and friendly atmosphere of the Planet Hollywood ethos and also a functional requirement to reserve/book a table online. A roaring success, the website thrives to this day and is their main online platform in the UK market for them.

With offices in Amsterdam, Canada, the UK, the USA and Australia; Happen are a truly worldwide client of ours. Happen were glad they chose Webheads to design their website that represents them on this global scale “They always respected our considerations, working swiftly yet never rushed. In short: the best professionals we could have possibly hoped for.” Costas Papaikonomou – Founding Partner at Happen. Our Leisure Pass websites are another successful venture which saw Webheads design in the tourism sector around the world. The team created the Dublin, London and Vienna Pass websites. These interactive websites render on both desktop and mobile and contain a wealth of information for tourists visiting the aforementioned cities. This project in particular had a large slant on making first impressions as it sold passes allowing tourists to access some world famous landmarks and areas such as the Guinness Storehouse, Windsor Castle and the Danube Tower.

Webheads welcomes overseas clients and enquiries – we would love to hear more about your project and how we can help. Having worked with may international clients in the past and also currently on an ongoing basis; the team is adept at keeping in touch remotely and tailoring our scheduling, timeframes and deadlines to accommodate for different timezones. We are vastly experienced in corporate website design which focuses on the user experience. No matter the client or the scope of the project, Webheads always delivers both on time and on budget.

We'd love to talk to you more about your project

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