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Safe, Secure and PCI Compliant Website Designs

When our clients get a custom website designed and deployed by the team here at Webheads; there are many attributes that come with this. Their website project is delivered both on time and on budget, it is optimised to reach its maximum potential once live online and is also made to be secure and PCI compliant to make website visitors data safe. It is these traits like these which have seen Webheads remain as a superior worldwide web design agency for over twenty years. However in more recent times with online shopping becoming more and more popular; the spotlight shines brighter on protecting custom data online and also the safety of credit card details used for payment transactions online.

Not only is keeping your customer data safe and secure an ethical aspect to eCommerce websites; but it is also a possible offence should you mishandle their data. In the UK for example, the Information Commissioner’s Office can impose fines on your company should your website fall prey to a hack or cyber attack. A recent fine for a SME for example amounted to £60,000. While no business welcomes a hack or cyber attack that affects their website, it is still deemed their responsibility to have security in place to prevent them from happening and to minimise the risk in the first place. Your online payment systems should also be PCI compliant (which stands for payment card industry) when processing card payments. Businesses can also receive a fine if they fall victim to a data breach and fail to notify their users/customers. With this, it is quite transparent that businesses will be liable for fines should they fail to protect their customer data and/or notify customers if they data is breached.

Webheads specialise in credit card payment gateways for use on eCommerce websites. Our portfolio also features a major credit card company in the form of the bespoke website design we made for JCB Card Europe. Internet security is also one of the services we offer as an expert digital agency. Our team understand the risks posed when working online and can work with your business to counteract and safeguard against them. The likes of phishing, viruses and spyware are three of the most common types of online threats that are experienced today. Businesses sometimes neglect some of the simple and effective steps to protect themselves against this such as proper firewall and anti-virus defences. Not only can these things compromise your business website (and those who visit it), but also your business server, files and databases. It is not an area which you should neglect.

Taking the necessary steps to protect your website and make it PCI compliant for your customers’ data is also a necessary step to bolster the reputation of your business. Wear your pro-activeness as a badge of honour by displaying your efforts on your business website by letting your visitors and customers know that your website includes the likes of encryption and anti-phishing measures etc. Choose the knowledgeable and skilled team at Webheads to safeguard your business and your business presence online to prevent online threats from increasing your revenues.

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