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The Webheads Website User Experience Explained (Part Two)

At Webheads, we are huge proponents for the website user experience (UX) with each and every custom website that we design. We understand that responsive business websites don’t just need to be aesthetically pleasing; but also functionally pleasing for the end-user (i.e. the visitors to your website). That is why all of our designs implement six key pillars which focus on usefulness, usability, desirability, findability, accessibility and credibility. We have honed this set of elements since the founding of Webheads in 1994 to actively deliver this expert UX.

In part one (click / tap here to read), we touched upon the elements of usefulness, usability and desirability in terms of the website user experience. Here we examine findability, accessibility and credibility.

The content of your website needs to be findable both within your website and within search engines and search engine result pages (SERP) such as Google. Within your website, this can include the use of navigational menus and sitemaps. As our team excel in custom website design, your menu for example can be positioned anywhere you would like on your webpages as opposed to traditionally being placed in the header area. Take a look at the menu we designed for the Matt Todd Photography website to see an example of this in action. To make the entirety of your website findable, this can mean bolstering it with a strong SEO presence to increase its visibility. As a premier web agency, our team can devise and action a custom SEO plan for your website (that incorporates both best fit and best practice principles) to greatly assist in the findability element of your website user experience.

Websites need to consider the needs of people with different needs and ability levels when it comes to accessing and using your website. If your website homepage uses a full screen video to introduce your business and brand; the audio of this video will be lost on those with hearing problems. By adding subtitles to this video, this is a step in the right direction towards making your website more accessible in this regard. Likewise people with sight difficulties can greatly benefit from a website that has been designed with a colour palette which considers the impacts of colour blindness or that utilises clear and bigger fonts to increase visibility. Websites can even be designed with impaired visions options and settings to be even more inclusive. As expert custom website designers, we can create stunning websites that can be used, appreciated and enjoyed by people regardless of their needs and abilities.

With all things considered, the credibility of your website is essentially the final crowning bow on your entire website package. An expertly designed and deployed website really becomes worth its salt when visitors are genuinely able to trust and believe what you are telling them. There are many ways to successfully achieve this. On a human level, having reviews, testimonials, rewards and ratings woven into your website content and design elements can convey these traits. On a technical level, ensuring your website is made with secure HTTPS and is free from spyware etc. provides a safe space for your website visitors. When this duality of human and technical aspects are considered and delivered upon, your website visitors will have everything they need to trust and believe what your website is telling them and trying to sell to them. So when it comes to potential customers converting on your website, they are comfortable to provide their card and personal details to do business with you.

If you have also read part one (click / tap here), you should now understand the core elements to a responsible and successful website user experience (UX) alongside the positive elements of having these elements in place. We at Webheads pride ourselves on creating custom websites that both look and perform exceedingly well, are delivered both on time and on budget and are poised and primed to deliver exceptional results and conversions to your business.

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