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Webheads / News / Visualisation Trends of 2021
visualisation trends of 2021

Visualisation Trends of 2021

Data as we know it is constantly growing and is expected to continue growing at an exponential rate for many months to come. That being said, in order for data to be useful we must be able to productively work with it and digest it to gather further insights online. The latest visualisation trends of 2021 are enabling just that.

Real time visualisation is a fast-growing trend as we live in a fast paced “always-on” world with smartphones, IoT and other smart devices that continually function in real time. Real time data is the driver that allows organisations to act quickly and we here at Webheads have the capabilities to ensure that your website design is using this data most efficiently for your business needs.

Another popular trend that falls under visualisation trends of 2021 would be mobile friendly visualisations as so many people are now reading articles, researching and working from their mobile devices. With this percentage constantly growing mobile friendly data visualisations become essential. From embedding your visualisations into internal web portals, public web pages or third-party applications they simply must be mobile friendly going forward.

Data democratisation is another new term and trend of 2021 where business users are seeking the ability to explore all types of data on their own. Even with very little to no technical skills in data, business users are able to identify actionable insights with data democratisation.

It is important to note that data visualisations is not all about what the user sees. It is becoming more and more about empowering online business owners to understand and be able to work with data to accomplish their business goals. Static dashboards that provide snapshots in time with no deep sense of knowledge are no longer the norm. Digital business owners are now looking to go under the hood and get into the underlying data to allow them to conduct their own explanatory analysis.

While many data specialists have discussed these visualisation trends of 2021 along with many more, the technology of today has finally enabled these trends to become mainstream meaning so many more companies are now able to experience the benefits of visualisation.

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