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how online shopping has changed in 2020

The Blended Website

As we know, having a website for your business is not an option but moreso a necessity in 2019. While not being naive to neglect that that likes of social media and other channels (including physical premises) are important too, we can custom make a blended website to give your business the best of both worlds.

What is a blended website?
This is a website that fully represents your brand and business in both the online and offline space. It blends all of the important elements together to display them on a singular website space that can be seen to encapsulate what you do. So for example, your social media feeds can integrate into the design to highlight your social content, outreach, following and more. Likewise immersive pictures and videos of your physical premises (or perhaps your factory / assembly line setup if you don’t have one) gives room for your physical space to also be represented.

What are the benefits?
The benefits of a blended website are that of offering your customers (and potential customers alike) a truly seamless and omni-channel experience with your brand; as well as offering options and angles to appeal to as wide of a target audience as possible. So if somebody was first to visit your physical store and then your website afterwards, they would know they are on the correct and official website for your brand and can therefore trust this website if shopping online and entering card details etc. This works in reverse too – those who first interact with your website can then go on to find and discover your physical space offline as they will have seen your brand, logo and immersive photos and videos of your store too.

How Webheads can help
As a leading London web agency who have been designing and deploying custom websites for over two decades; we are the choice if you only demand the best for your business website and online presence. We have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes all around the world – with many recognisable and respected brand names in our expansive portfolio of projects. Knowing the needs and push and pull factors of businesses too, we ensure on time and on budget website design that is primed to generate a return on investment for your business.

Choosing a Blended Website
This shows an awareness and knowledge of modern day content consumption, community clarity and catering to the needs and wants of your customers and potential customers alike. By empowering your business with an exquisite custom website design by Webheads that blends together everything that you do, you turbocharge your online presence with a vehicle that can drive sales to your business.