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Instagram Marketing – Four Ways to Promote your Brand

For businesses and marketers, Instagram offers a unique platform to advertise on. The picture and short video sharing platform has hundreds of millions of active users per day and studies show that over half of these users follow businesses and brands. Taking an exclusively visual aspect by having to pair ad text with an image or video also allows a sense of creativity to permeate the profitability – something that potential consumers can respond well to. Here we show you four different ways to market your content with Instagram.

Photo Ads
The most popular form of Instagram marketing is that of photo ads. On your Instagram business profile, simply tap on the post you are looking to promote and then select “Promote” from the options. This will then let you set the promotion parameters such as the audience you are looking to reach, the duration you want the promotion to run for and also the maximum budget that you are looking to spend. Once these have been selected, simply tap on the promote button and pending a review (usually no more than sixty minutes), your promotion will be active on Instagram. For those familiar with social media marketing, this process will feel reminiscent of FaceBook as they are the parent company of Instagram.

Carousel Ads
Carousel ads allow you to string a series of pictures or videos together to promote your content in a more story-style format of Instagram marketing. With carousel ads, users click/tap to see all of the promoted content in a single post. This can show them steps to follow or even follow the progression of an event. This is also effective to showcase a selection of items i.e. a new clothing collection. Consider carousel ads when a single image/video will not suffice to get your message across. As the user must click/tap each image/video in the series, carousel ads foster a larger slant on interaction with your ad and therefore by extension, with your brand.

Video Ads
You can also promote video content once it does not exceed 60 seconds in length. Unlike photo posts and ads; videos connect with consumers and potential consumers by interacting with their senses of both sight and sound. A video can also fit in multiple elements. For example, instead of a single photo; the video can feature an entire unboxing of a product or show a product in use. Within a similar vein for the service industry, a video can show people actively enjoying and using a service in context rather than a still image of them which can come across as posed and unnatural.

Story Ads
The story feature of Instagram marketing can also be used to promote your ad content. While users look through the stories of the pages they follow, your ad content can be shown among this story content. A ‘story’ refers to the posted content of a page within the last twenty-four hours that users can view together at once to form the ‘story’ of that page from the last twenty-four hours. According to Instagram, over two-hundred-million people view stories daily; so this an extremely veritable method with which to reach people with your ads and content. If you are new to the platform, story ads are a good way to announce your brand’s arrival to Instagram.

As a premier digital agency, Webheads can design and deploy all of your social media marketing strategies. We work with businesses and brands to propel them further online with over twenty years worth of experience to our name.

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