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Social media services

At Webheads we provide Social Media Marketing services that can be tailored to your budget and marketing objectives. Our turnkey service provides you with a reliable, cost effective, measurable way of helping your brand participate in authentic and ongoing conversations that work to attract and retain targeted traffic, fans or followers.

Our secret to success lies in developing engaging and valuable content and conversations that also take note of search engine optimisation benefits. At Webheads we understand the importance of linking Social and Search to increase the return on your social media investment.

Our service

Step 1: Assessing your Social Media Needs and Requirements
To provide you with a realistic and competitive quotation, we need to find out about your business and marketing aims.

During this Social Discovery Phase we document all necessary information relating to your competitor activity, previous social media campaign performance and key performance metrics before providing a carefully tailored proposal.

Step 2: Social Research, Analysis and Insights
Knowing who your consumers are and what they are saying is crucial to any social media strategy.

If you don’t naturally know where people are congregating, don’t panic. It just means you’ll need to do some research to start.

At Webheads we use a combination of active listening in small, focused communities via listening or buzz monitoring tools coupled with passive mining of a larger data set to provide marketers the opportunity to gain a holistic understanding of their customers and to track emerging and receding trends. Mining the Web and Social Landscape can yield a high volume of postings that provide high level insight into brand perceptions and invaluable benefit in identifying and tracking known trends and keywords used by consumers.

Step 3: Social Media Strategy and Roadmap
Social efforts should always be guided by a smart analysis of the chosen audience, tools and with the aid of goals and measurement methodology. Without a plan, social media efforts often fail, waste time, money and detract from the brand experience.

At Webheads we have a highly skilled team of social strategists who are well equipped to help establish the project social scope and objectives. Identify key needs and questions. Conduct research and complete a competitor and brand analysis, synthesize all findings and develop a clear social strategy for action and delivery. We follow a simple 5 step process which helps to collate the necessary information we require to ensure success.


Step 4: Developing Branded Content
From online branded blogzines to Tumblr-powered micro sites, Facebook fan page designs and Twitter profiles, video content, linkbait in the form of infographics or even mobile applications, Webheads can design, develop and deliver to your branded content needs, both quickly and cost effectively.

Our creative team and social media experts connect and collaborate to assist brands in this space. Once we’ve developed your content our team of social experts will work to distribute it via social outreach and link building techniques. We also employ optimisation techniquesto increase visbility and rank within search engines.

Step 5: Fostering Conversations and Driving Engagement
Once we have a thorough understanding of who your consumers and competitors are, what they like and where they tend to congregate we will then prepare your brand to enter the social space. Our job is to listen and begin forming a platform for people to openly talk and engage with you. The first step in ensuring meaningful engagement is creating a conversation calendar. This deliverable will provide daily conversation starters and ideas for use across all social media platforms.

We also offer influencer outreach as part of our suite of social media services. This service is particularly effective in getting people talking about your brand but requires bespoke strategy to ensure careful online relationship management when it comes to bloggers, online journalists, authority sites, forums or webmasters.

Step 6: Measuring Results
Measurement helps you to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. The only way to make incremental adjustments to marketing messages and social activity is to track and analyze.

Our team of social media analysts will assist in your tracking setup, we will work with you to establish your social media intentions and objectives in order to define which Social KPIs are most pertinent to your business. We will then.

Our social analysts have access to a set of social media and buzz monitoring tools to bring you intelligent insights through bespoke social media dashboards. If you’d like to talk to us about social media services for your business please call 020 7287 7060 or contact us