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API Empire State Building

When working for the landmark that is the Empire State Building in New York City, our application programme interface with the Gateway Ticketing API skills and expertise were put to excellent use. As one can image, this iconic building processes thousands upon thousands of visitors and ticket payments each and every week – it is open every single day of the year. Here is how the Webheads team helped by seamlessly integrating their robust ticketing and availability system into their website.

To understand the task at hand, one must first understand the Empire State Building itself. The main floors that are visited include the 2nd floor (sustainability exhibit), the 80th floor (dare to dream exhibit), the 86th floor (main observation deck) and the 102nd floor (top deck). With this, their ticketing system had to manage quantities (adults, children and senior citizen price points), group sales, gift certificates and special offers for multiple floors. Compounding matters further, package deals are also available; providing ticket options for the top and main decks together, a premium experience, an am and pm experience and a sunrise experience. Quite a lot of complex information as one can see, but we made sure to present this in a clear, legible and functional manner.

It was decided that lightboxes would be used to provide website visitors with swift visual introductions to the many offers and options available. So if one was to hover over the ‘Main Deck’ option, a lightbox would appear to explain what exactly this is with a line of text as well as showing ticket prices and special offers available for this floor.

Upon selection an option, the user is then taken to a new screen which presents them with a responsive calendar grid. Our API work means that his calendar can highlight visibility per week, with the list of ticket types available at any given time directly below this calendar (an example of stellar user experience). This list of ticket types is also accompanied by options, add-ons and extras such as meals that can be purchased in the Empire State Building restaurants.

The nature of this complex task saw the integrated team at Webheads build bridges between the Empire State Building website and the ticketing system and software that they use (Gateway Ticketing Systems). It ensured that ticket availability and pricing for all offers remained up-to-date, while also syncing with their restaurant software to book tables at certain times. By implementing in differing price points for the likes of adults, children and senior citizens in tandem with package deals, special offers, availability and information; our excellent API work helps keep a steady stream of visitors passing through the Empire State Building.

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