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London Pass Website
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The London Pass

The New London Pass Website by Webheads: A Revolution in Adaptive eCommerce Website Design.

The new London Pass adaptive website has recently been launched. Designed by the Webheads team, it represents a significant step forward in adaptive design. Delivered on budget and in six months, the Webheads team is extremely proud of the new website which combines multi-lingual, multi-platform accessibility with a modern, customer-friendly aesthetic and experience.

  • Web Branding
  • Online Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Tourism eCommerce
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Mobile App Development
  • Content Management System
  • Multilingual
  • SEO

The guys at Webheads took the time to fully understand our requirements for the site rebuild, the product and it’s target market in order to ensure the final product was of the highest quality.

The project was a hugely complex one with a content heavy front end and e-commerce platform which had to integrate with a sophisticated back office system which allows us to monitor various digital marketing channels and campaigns we have. All of these elements were custom built by Webheads!

Results…Webheads have helped us achieve them. I would definitely recommend them.

—Louis Johnson – Online Marketing Manager

Webheads have been working with Leisure Pass Group since 2010, designing and continually improving their website’s functionality and image. In 2013, Webheads were asked by Leisure Pass Group to develop their website specifically with the aim of improving access for mobile and tablet users.“The Leisure Pass Group were looking for a completely new ecommerce website design,” said JM Litman, owner of Webheads. “They wanted a fantastic website that would engage customers without over-selling; a website that did not just sell an access card to London’s premier tourist locations, but one that offered customers a complete, customer-focused London experience. Also, they wanted a website that could be accessed anywhere by any customer, so adaptability was at the top of our agenda. The result has been something very special.”

So what exactly makes the London Pass website so special? First and foremost, it uses an adaptive website design for quick, easy access on mobile devices without compromising the quality of the site for mobile users. JM goes on to state: “our goal with the London Pass website was to create one, if not the, best adaptive website design currently online. With our new website designed for the Leisure Pass Group neither design, speed nor content detail has been sacrificed.”“Our research indicated many web design agencies have been guilty of ‘dumbing down’ the websites they create for mobile and tablet users, and heavily compromising their client’s brands in the process. Our mission was to ensure London Pass could be easily accessed by customers the world over, and at the same time offer a high-quality website experience, regardless of the device used. With we believe we have succeeded.”

With the advent of mobile web viewing, two distinct methods of website presentation have emerged. With responsive websites, all the information found on a website is displayed on a mobile device using flexible images and fluid grids that resize depending on the device used to access the site. This method means downloading the website can slow, especially using a 2G & 3G connection, and the resizing can negatively affect the viewing quality of the website.

Adaptive websites, however, operate by only sending selected parts of the standard website to a mobile device, meaning download and access speeds are much higher. With Webheads’ new adaptive website for London Pass, the Webheads team have used the accessibility and versatility of adaptive website design while simultaneously maintaining the high level of useful content normally associated with desktop and responsive websites.

So has Webheads’ new adaptive website won over customers? Webheads and Leisure Pass Group are extremely pleased to say the new adaptive website has been a great success. Visitor numbers have increased as has user retention and sales, and Louis Johnson, Online Marketing Manager at Leisure Pass Group, tells us: “there has been a general increase in conversions but also a dramatic rise in tablet conversions of over 50%. The new London Pass site has improved the image of our product seen by the thousands of global visitors the site receives every day.”

Clearly, Webhead’s adaptive website design has won over Leisure Card Group and their customers, and no doubt will go on to wow many more.

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