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Mission Motorsport redesigned by Webheads

When Webheads’ CEO JM Littman (whose passion for motorsport is well documented) recently chatted to Mission Motorsport’s Founder and Director James Cameron, they had a lot to talk about.

The Webheads team was well aware of the remarkable and inspiring work the charity does, combining motorsport and confidence-building in ex-military personnel. The discussion naturally progressed to websites and it became clear that Webheads could really help the charity re-launch a bigger, brighter, better website and at Webheads non profit/charity web design rates.

Mission Motorsport’s tagline is Race, Retrain, Recover. Its aim is to ‘aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations, by providing opportunities through Motorsport’. Supported by Help for Heroes, they use Motorsport in a variety of ways to help ex-military personnel – through building confidence, supplementing existing skills and finding new vocations.

The old website wasn’t representing the charity well enough. It was difficult for them to update, and wasn’t tablet or mobile-friendly, making access and readability difficult for many site users. James Cameron asked if they could get some advice from the Webheads team and it was obvious that this project needed to be started from scratch and built to be a true illustration of the Forces’ motorsport charity.

James Cameron, CEO of Mission Motorsport said, “Our small team has a very public face and much contact from both our beneficiaries and prospective sponsors comes through our website.  We’d dreaded the process of updating our site, but we have been delighted that Webheads were able to help us with a new, clean look, and a striking design and functionality that surpassed our expectations.”

Ease of use was also a contributing factor to completely starting over with the website. The new website is full content with CMS built in. It is powered by WordPress, which means that the charity has control over their website content, from anywhere and at any time. It also means that they can add further functionality as and when they need it. Plus, WordPress is very popular with search engines, making the site easy to find. Webhead Eliot was congratulated by the rest of the team for shaping the design and building the site in a limited time.

James continued, “Webheads worked hard through a holiday period in order to deliver on schedule, and were proactive and innovative to help us get our message across.”  The website was completed just in time for the Autosport International 2015 – the Racing Car Show. The largest of its type and dubbed ‘the fastest show on earth’, it was the perfect place to re-launch the new Mission Motorsport website in January.

JM said, “The Mission Motorsport website redesign is another example of Webheads’ commitment to working with not-for-profit and charity sites; it was especially rewarding to work with such an inspiring one, we were only too glad to help such a worthy cause.”

James had the last word, “Such support is incredibly valuable to a small charity like ourselves, we are tremendously grateful to JM and his team for an excellent service.”

Check out the admirable work that Mission Motorsport does at www.missionmotorsport.org

Mission Motorsport - Prince Harry