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Webheads / News / SleepHalo supported by Harry Kane
Sleephalo Harry Kane

SleepHalo supported by Harry Kane

Great news for SleepHalo as it has received promotion from Harry Kane, England’s top striker, promoting the world’s first wireless phone charger product with radiation protection to his 11million followers on Instagram!

This created a huge surge in traffic to the custom Sleep Halo website that we designed. With our over twenty years of experience in websites and digital marketing; we here at Webheads were pre-planning for a surge of traffic like this that the website would no doubt receive due to the popularity of Harry Kane promoting it. As such, the website responded and operated at optimal levels of performance. This meant that website visitors could easily browse the website to discover more about the product and quickly and seamlessly add it to their cart and checkout without any issues or slow loading times. This is unlike so many websites that crash, lag and do not respond when they receive high traffic levels.

Not only did we design and deploy the custom website for SleepHalo, we also created all of their branding, logo and physical product packaging. In tandem with this, we also support their eCommerce website (built on the popular WooCommerce platform) with the management and maintenance of their Facebook and Instagram social media platforms. On Instagram in particular, we implemented the Instagram shopping feature for even more ways for the innovative product to be discovered and purchased. As part of our fully end-to-end management of the brand, we also manage the SleepHalo SEO and have already positioned their website to position two on Google!

Dave Clark, owner and inventor of SleepHalo: “I’ve worked with the team at Webheads for fifteen years and they have been a pleasure to deal with. I really appreciate how quickly they are able to respond and react to any request that comes up for the brand. It is not an exaggeration to say they are an essential part of both the brand and marketing mix overall and the success of the product would not have been this great without them on our side!

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