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Webheads / News / Why is Web Design so Important in 2021?
why web design is so important webheads top london web agency

Why is Web Design so Important in 2021?

Can you imagine not using Google to find the answer to something quickly? Would you really dust off the Yellow Pages to look up the phone number of a local business? As your answer is naturally ‘no’ to these questions, this shows us why web design is so important in 2021 (and beyond).

Due to the fact that we use our smart devices to not only find out what we need to know, but also to complete so many tasks and actions; web design is so important as it factors in to everything we do online. So as a business owner, your business website is a part of this structure and therefore needs to be attuned with it to bring the best results. Webheads are a leading London web agency and we have been helping our clients to achieve this with their websites for well over twenty years. Here are a few of factors to consider . . .

Ease of Use (UX)
As we touched upon already, the ability for us to access the internet in a couple of simple clicks / taps means that we expect an ease of use when online. This means that your website needs to have an expert user experience (or UX) to fit in with this. If your website is designed poorly and frustrates those who visit it, they will simply click / tap on the ‘back’ button and they are only one click / tap away from your competitor’s website. Knowing this, we have spent years developing The Webheads UX which is an expert, turbocharged user experience design system that has been perfected over the years to bring results.

Having your website being user friendly is one thing, but this usefulness has to load on time or you again risk a website visitor growing frustrated and leaving. People have become accustomed to lightning fast loading times and something as small as two or three seconds can make all the difference. Not just to website visitors, but also to Google too when ranking your website in terms of search engine rankings and optimistaion (SEO). With speed and fast loading times being such an important factor, we are delighted to offer our clients a variety of hosting solutions to empower their business websites with industry standard and reliable speed and loading times. Learn more here.

Don’t forget too that a well designed website is an extension of your brand image in the online space. With the rise and rise of online shopping (especially due to lockdowns and restrictions) and with the nature of online use being 24/7; web design is important to keep your business represented in the best way possible. Just like how you would spend time perfecting your business logo, your packaging and / or your products etc., the Webheads team custom create the perfect website for your business. We also do this both on time and on budget – no hidden fees and no unprofessional delays. That is why the likes of the BBC, Cisco, the City of Westminster and Planet Hollywood trust us.

Why is web design so important in 2021?

With the sheer prevalence of online use, online shopping, online working, online networking and more simply a way of life in 2021, this shows us why web design is so important. With this importance at play, you need a top London web agency like us here at Webheads to position your brand in the strongest position online – backed by a web agency with over two decades of experience of helping of clients to survive and thrive online.

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