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Website Six Month Review 2020

As we approach June 2020, we take a look back at our website six month review – exploring the projects we have completed and looking at what is yet to come. We are glad to be able to help our clients (both new and existing) even during these difficult times.

While the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) shows no signs of slowing down, we have managed to buck the trend and have taken on new projects in recent weeks and months. This is testament to Webheads as a leading London web agency who specialise in custom website design. Not only do we offer an expert level of service, we can also guarantee both on time and on budget work for your business and brand. As such, clients choose us time and time again (see our sprawling portfolio here) to turbocharge their online presence and to drive sales to their business.

One of our most recently completed projects is for London Live TV – a TV station specialising in local news and current affairs. We upgraded their website offering to be more in line with their logo colours (orange and black). We also made sure to of course make the website both desktop and mobile responsive, meaning it can be reached and enjoyed by as many people as possible. Knowing that keeping the website visitor’s attention can be achieved not only by the articles on the website, we implemented the likes of parallax scrolling to help keep attention afloat with visual impact.

Even though we are a global agency who has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes; our next client is also based in London coincidentally. London Platforms Roofing are a domestic and commercial roofing company that pride themselves on a 24/7 response rate for roofing needs (such as leaks and emergency repairs etc.). With a stellar business name (which works great for SEO) and a diverse and thriving catchment area, they are sought after for their expertise and solutions for many different buildings and structures. We have been tasked with not only designing a custom website for them, but also implementing a full suite on online services (such as SEO, custom payment gateways, online marketing etc.) to fully turbocharge their presence online.

A recent project which we launched were that of the community hub websites. Very much a timely endeavour, they serve as portals to empower the residents of the respective areas with information and updates about their area (such as events, planning and development etc.). Especially useful is how they are able to communicate COVID-19 (coronavirus) information to those who need it – informing them of the ways in which their area is impacted and what they can expect to see and have happen that may affect where they live. Learn more about them here.

As you can see, our website six month review encompasses our most recent and upcoming projects. There are of course many more to list also (too much for a simple blog post!) but you can take a look at our clients and testimonials and contact us here if you would like any more information and to work with the leading London web agency that is Webheads.