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Website Image Sliders Explained

While website image sliders do not traditionally offer a great element of click value, it gives your brand a great opportunity to demonstrate a body of work in a snapshot of time. Here we show how they can be utilised effectively through many different creative digital designs.

Scrolling Cues
This is one style we have all come across at one time or another. This is a feature that keeps the user engaged and works to support a solid understanding of what each website is all about. Many of these types of website image sliders are encompassed with directional arrows or dots to encourage the user to scroll between the images. This helps them to not skip over anything and can direct them back to something they have an interest in, keeping them interested for longer and cueing other elements that might be of even greater interest.

Split Screen
Another popular trend in the generation of website images sliders is the split screen effect. This feature supports greater interaction throughout different websites and in some cases it provides directions for the user (delivering a truly seamless experience). The split screen effect uses many different scroll options and gives the website designer some more scope to flex their creative muscles and ideas.

Hover States
Hover states is a front runner in the modern generation of website image sliders; mainly because it does not function as a traditional slider at all. The idea behind the hover states is that it is used to highlight multiple elements on a homepage, bringing up images and content specific to certain projects when hovering over the name of a project. This function is a much less complicated option as it removes the somewhat manual need for sliding and scrolling.

Connected Slides
Connected slides are another similar effect. This is where designers use the image on the slider interconnected text boxes that move from either side of the homepage. This style is often used when a designer wants to develop a strong visual presence on a website. Connected slides along with the other options mentioned above form part of the comprehensive range of new trends out there that allow for the creation of a design that can introduce important pieces of content to your website.