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webheads at 25 kidsons website screenshot from 1995 webheads design

Webheads at 25 – 1995

With Webheads being 25 years young, while countless other web design agencies have since come and gone; we take a look back at how we (along with the internet) have grown – and more importantly how we continue to grow. With Webheads founder JM Littman being involved with website design since the 1990’s, we here take a look at 1995.

The Internet in 1995
Still in its infancy, with the birth of the internet being 1994, the internet landscape was vastly different to what we know today. Putting this into perspective, internet was accessed using dial-up and e-mail addresses looked something like this: 1006477.328@compuserve.com. Regardless of this basic state, our innovative skills were at work for clients as we custom designed and deployed their website designs.

Completed and launched in 1995, the design for the Kidsons Impey website design brought accounting and business advisory services online to reach all across the UK. Even in the early days of the internet and website design, JM knew to incorporate a powerful mixture of images, copy and colour-coded tabs to make for an immersive experience empowered with a genuinely fulfilling user experience (UX). While trends and algorithms may have changed, this website exists as an ideal design ethos and blueprint for modern greatness.

webheads at 25 newman carter hill website screenshot from 1995 webheads design

Another of our website designs from 1995 was for Newman Carter Hill (NCH). A marketing company looking to portray their services to website visitors, sections were built to highlight these services and clients they have worked with. Note too the early use of the ‘click to subscribe icon’ for their marketing magazine. As you can see how different it is to the Kidsons Impey website, it showcases our apt attention to detail and understanding of the need for custom designs for different businesses and brands. Even today we retain this mindframe and just like our work from 1995, our work is still delivered both on time and on budget.