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the birth of the internet 1994 webheads custom website design for rockfotos

Webheads at 25 – 1994

Director of Webheads, JM Littman, has a long history with and passion for the internet. Twenty-five years ago he began his online endeavours – just as the internet itself began! As was the trend at the time, most websites were hobby websites with little or no business focus to them. His first website designed and deployed was all about his husky dogs. As a champion husky dog racer, this was a way to indulge and showcase a passion in a new and innovative way on the world wide web.

The Internet in 1994
The birth of the internet is popularly referred to as really coming into form back in 1994. To put things into perspective, the main search engine in 1994 was called Webcrawler (arguably the blueprint for modern search engines today). Yahoo! launched its web directory and relied on other providers for a search engine until it launched its own in 2002. Microsoft’s website mainly consisted of a single page that took quite a while to load properly because it contained an image. Let’s not forget too that wi-fi as we know it was a far off concept. The internet was accessed with dial-up telecom modems at 9600 bps! A vastly different landscape to the internet of 2019.

The first website that JM was professionally paid to design and deploy was for Rockfotos – a screenshot of this is included here in this blog post. This was back in 1994 (at the birth of the internet) and demonstrates how ahead of time JM was in being able to offer a custom website design service. So began his professional reputation for custom website design completed on time and on budget – a crucial trait that continues today. At only twenty five years young, Webheads is positioned to provide our expert services for years to come, growing and evolving with our clients and with the internet itself. We retain a new and innovative edge and are always looking forward to what is ahead.

Therefore by being among the first in the world to have a website, JM has literally seen it all when it comes to websites, the internet and the evolution of them both. He brings this key and virtually unparalleled insight into the work of Webheads – a custom website design and web agency with a global reach. While many other website designers have come and gone, Webheads remains an expert in the field. Twenty-five years young, we are vastly experienced, successful and always looking forward. Clients choose Webheads again and again for their projects as they know JM and his team are poised and primed to turbocharge their businesses and to ensure they thrive and survive online.