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Webheads / News / Why is Web Design and UX so Important in 2021?

Why is Web Design and UX so Important in 2021?

Website design in 2021 is all about understanding the user’s needs and creating new designs to solve their pain points. This is where user experience (UX) comes into play and if you recognise this term it is because it is arguably an eternally important aspect of web design and online products that should never be neglected or underestimated.

What is UX?

User experience (UX) design is the creation of digital products that offer seamless interaction and are intuitive and easy to use. At it’s core, it is all about enhancing the users online experience ensuring that they are finding value in what you are providing. A UX designer acts as an advocate for the end user of any digital product (such as a website). Some key areas of focus within UX include user research, visual design, quality content, information architecture and branding for example. Some key UX tips to consider ahead of any digital design would be to keep clear and simple navigation ideas at the forefront of your design. Using consistent and recognisable icons and aligning your fonts for mobile use would be a couple of examples. When you are at the prototype process of creating your website design, the best web design advice would be to ensure that you are keeping things simple, seamless and consistent from start to finish. The Webheads team assist you with all of these asepcts as part of our trademark expert UX.

How does UX work with web design?

There is a strong correlation between UX and web design as the product could not reach the handover stage without the input of each. When designing and deploying a website, the job of a web  designer is to solve issues for their clients through creating code and web pages, combining text with images and videos and creating the overall layout of a website. A UX designer will carry out user research and aim to meet the needs of the user while balancing business targets and goals. They will collaborate with the web designer to create the best digital experience possible regardless of the concept or market. Whatever your business needs are, we here at Webheads can offer you a vigorous and reliable web design built from the latest web based presentation techniques, packed with the latest UX trends ensuring that you achieve your business goals. Using a brand-led approach, Webheads are leaders in this field through our utilisation of the two main drivers of this era being emotion and functionality. We believe that the emotional dimension of your business acts as a key driver for digital success. Through achieving a harmonious relationship between UX and web design, this will lead to any successful online project. Webheads provide high end consultancy services that allow you to achieve just that. With a consultation from us, significant time and energy will begin on your project early on, meaning that you will save your business time and money in the future.

Why UX and web design are so important in 2021

1. Proper UX = higher conversions

Having good up to date UX implemented into your web design has everything to do with your conversion percentage. The quality of the users experience when they land on your website will have a significant impact on their opinion of your brand. UX leads to higher conversions as it is specifically designed to lead to something, that being the user completing a purchase online, subscribing to your mailing list or even just sticking spending time on your social network (whatever your goal or conversion mechanism may be). In terms of web design advice you need to have knowledge around how to achieve a great impression online. An aesthetically pleasing website is important but this is just one step of the process. An attractive website may have a great first impression however if the usability is terrible the overall experience will result in a very negative outcome. UX is a shared responsibility and with the right agency behind you, this will drive conversions.

2. It keeps mobile users happy

UX and web design are so important while becoming more and more advanced over time. UX and web design fundamentals are key drivers in ensuring mobile users are consistently happy while scrolling on their smartphones. Speed in one of the most important qualities of your website design and ux strategy. The user wants to source information, make a purchase or complete tasks through their phones as quickly as possible. Therefore your website should fully load within seconds as the longer this takes it can lead to the user starting to think about trying a different website or app with speedier load times. With having good UX and web design embedded into your digital platform, this will prevent your brand falling victim to a bad impression and more than likely will generate more returning customers.

3. Allows your site to get to the point and reduce bounce rates

A poor website design is a common cause for a high bounce rate percentage. If you notice your bounce rate increasing it is important that the source of the issue is resolved quickly. Not only will your conversion rate drop but this will also negatively affect your SEO. Having good quality content won’t be enough as once Google notices a high bounce rate, their engine will assume your content is poor which means your SEO ranking will also suffer. Some key web design advice would be to ensure that your web design and UX are pleasantly aligned while keeping your bounce rate low. Web design in 2021 has told us that through the use of UX and creative web design you are guaranteed to reduce your bounce rate while keeping the user stimulated, engaged and satisfied throughout their time on your website.

4. Does not disrupt the ‘flow’ of the site design

UX does not disrupt the flow of any website design simply because it is a key element of the finished product and combined these will solve any digital problems your website may be experiencing. UX is tactfully engineered to achieve a meaningful and relevant encounter for each and every user. It does not disrupt the flow of the website design as it is fully involved in the process of integrating the product or service which includes all fundamentals of design, user ability, branding and functionality. In fact when implemented properly to expert leve, UX enhances and assists the flow greatly. Some other UX tips include simplicity and clarity. A well flowing website design should not be overloaded with different digital features. Some designers may try to reinvent the wheel which can lead to poor results for your business. Through maintaining consistency this will create the perfect flow through the users journey.

5. Takes speed and the end user into account

Good UX and web design will build projects based around speed and the best responsive design possible for your target audience. Web page speed is an ever-increasingly important for all types of websites and phone apps. Web performance is user experience therefore UX designers will develop and design your site based on page load time and experience weighted equally with the visual aesthetics and creative design aspect of your site. Some UX tips to keep in mind that will keep your load times where they need to be is to avoid adding too many social media buttons. Another tip would be to always compress your files, reduce the size of all the images you intend to use and always utilise CSS3 and HTML5 where possible. The best web design advice would be to keep speed at the forefront of your design as this alone will keep the user content and on your website for longer.


Do I need to be good with data and analytics to understand UX?

Yes as having a strong knowledge of how to read data and analytics is one of the many essential skills a UX designer must have. UX design needs to be able to understand the needs of the user in order to design the perfect experience they desire. Being able to interpret quantitative data is key for the success of any UX project.

Nonetheless if you do not have this skill, there are many skilled web agencies that can provide this service on your behalf. At Webheads we are very passionate about UX and are experts in creating industry leading designs. We can provide a tried and tested UX strategy that fully de-risks your business while placing your target audience at the centre of your design.

What are some good tools that can provide further UX insights for my site?

Now may not be the right time for you or your brand to partner up with a web agency which is perfectly normal. Thanks to UX becoming more popular year on year, there are now a range of online tools that can provide further UX insights for your web design. One of the most popular UX tools is Sketch. Sketch is a front runner down to its functionalities that will allow you to make comprehensive changes to your site such as layer and text styles to its smooth alignment and resizing features. Adobe XD is another key player offering vector-based user interface tools for creating high scale mockups and prototypes. Framer X is another tool taking UX and web design by storm offering a range of UX and UI design tools. Framer X has the capability to team up with React which makes the entire process ideal for designers who are passionate about staying on top of the latest web design trends and advances. The list for different UX tools that can provide further insights to UX is endless and Webheads would be more than happy to discuss these tools with you further.

Should I choose a website designer that specialises in UX?

Although web design and UX design are different in their own right and many skilled professionals zone in on the one skill; many web design professionals are now tapping into both the UX and website design field. Choosing a website designer that specialises in UX will always be a beneficial move for your digital marketing strategy and your website design plan. A website designer that specialises in UX will have a deep understanding of how certain visual designs will accommodate UX design. A website designer that specialises in UX will be able to provide you with up to date UX tips and should have the latest knowledge on web design advice. This will play a key role in the success of your web design and business online.

Should UX differ on the desktop and mobile experience?

With the smartphone wave hitting hard and the focus now shifting from desktop to smartphone, UX designers are now focusing more on this space than ever. UX should differ from desktop to mobile for many reasons, the main one being screen size. Desktop websites have a lot more space that allows the UX design to facilitate more content and design aspects, particularly navigation. On a mobile device on the other hand, the design must consider what elements are most important to show. That is why we here at Webheads specialise in responsive design to cater for all device types. The interactive experience will also differ between the two as with a cursor you can make full use of the web design interactivity, however on a mobile device you can’t easily hover or rollover. Here your design must create an experience for the user that consists of swiping, shaking and even tapping to achieve mobile interaction.

Is there a link between website UX and conversions?

There is a fundamental link between website UX and conversions simply because websites live and die by their conversion rates and good UX will ensure that your website lives a successful life. Good conversion rates mean increasing sales and online traffic and poor conversion rates mean that your website design is struggling. Your UX design is related to your leads, your users experience, the ease of navigation and an overall seamless experience online. More than ever your site speed is the most crucial determining factor in whether your UX is up to par or not and if this is not the case then your conversions will truly suffer. By ensuring that your UX is exceptional while showcasing clarity and well defied web page goals, you can have confidence that higher conversions will follow.