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the rebrand revolution using colours in business branding

Using Colours in Business Branding

Connoting feelings, evoking thoughts and even affecting temperature – colours play a huge role in how we perceive things. Here we give you three examples of using colours in business branding that we completed for our clients with huge success.

Kinetix Nutrition
Offering gym and nutritional supplements and a wealth of information and tips in their ‘Knowledge Vault’, the custom website design for Kinetix Nutrition required a constant element to bind each of these aspects together. Working with their logo, a grey tone was chosen to act both as a neutral and bridging colour for these elements; while also working to channel the steel and metal of gym equipment like weights and machines. As such, it served as a great example of using colours in business branding. With this, colour was used cleverly to serve a dual purpose of aligning the brand while also alluding to what space and industry the brand occupies.

“To help us grow to the next level, what we needed was a user friendly ecommerce website that displayed our products to the world while also portraying and capturing our brand values which are so important to us. Webheads unquestionably achieved this and with an easy and seamless online customer experience. The whole team at Webheads were a pleasure to work with and, importantly, always took the time to listen and ensure they understood and reflected our needs.” – Steve Palmer (CEO Kinetix Nutrition)

An agency that works with their clients to spark advertising ideas and then bring them to life; Happen is a business bursting with energy. To reflect this, our custom website design for them brimmed with bright colours like eye-catching coral pink and a slick shade of teal. Even with their visually magnetic properties, we made sure that the use of colour was never over the top or garish. Rather, it worked to communicate the brand ethos in a subtle but effective way across each of the webpages, header area, footer area and more.

“We engaged with the Webheads team when we realised we’d reached a point in our business growth‎ that we could no longer get away with a home-made web presence. It was time to bring in the professionals. From start to finish, Webheads have ‎kept our brand in focus, understanding who we are and what we offer our clients; taking real care to translate this into realistic concepts and great execution. Never was form leading over function, or the other way around. They always respected our considerations, working swiftly yet never rushed. In short: the best professionals we could have possibly hoped for.” – Costas Papaikonomou (Founding Partner at Happen)

Planet Hollywood
Comprising of a physical location with a recognisable and well-established branding; our custom website design for Planet Hollywood London made sure to evoke this in an online way. As such, we made use of the primary colours of red and blue (found in their logo) across the design – an effective and logical way of using colours in business branding. When placed together on a perfectly plain white background, these colours worked to harmonise the entire design so that regardless of what page the website visitor was on, they remained immersed in the full Planet Hollywood branding and experience. It also meant that when we needed to highlight something in particular like a landmark on a map of contact details, this could be done by using a colour outside of this palette and established aesthetic.

“Webheads have provided us with not only a great looking website, but with a total e-marketing tool. Our online customer database has increased 100% every month since the launch and with the Webheads team we are able to target our customers direct with e-campaigns.” – Alex Garland (General Manager)