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Unique Web Design Trends

Unique Web Design Trends

So far in 2021 we are seeing more and more unique web design trends that are guaranteed to bring more inclusive and accessible websites for the year ahead. Here we take a look at some of them.

Retro fonts are definitely a reoccurring member of some unique web design trends as quite often we are seeing many old trends becoming relevant and adored again. Throwback typography has made a reappearance in many website designs and brand names and logos. We are now seeing less of the sleek and minimalistic fonts (which can at times look quite anonymous) and more retro fonts that have been reimagined with an artistic flair.

With more people now having greater access to strong internet speeds, this has allowed augmented reality (AR) experiences to really flourish. New technologies such as WebXR API and software created by Wayfair Technologies have opened up this space to almost everyone. An example of this would be when you are purchasing a new car. This technology allows the user to build and price their own car online and get a great feel for the vehicle all through a computer screen. AR is now a great resource to help sell products and it also empowers the customer throughout the process.

Scrollytelling is something that users are thoroughly enjoying. This is a growing trend that allows web designers to tell stories through web experiences as it amplifies the story and hooks the user into the narrative of the brand. The most effective way to use scrollytelling is to keep the motion within a small area of the site – making sure the elements emphasise the story rather than distract,and also allow for the user to interact.

Dark Mode is a popular choice on smartphones or inboxes and we are now starting to see this drift in on many digital platforms. A much darker aesthetic is being introduced as it makes many elements pop from the main screen while complementing these elements with the perfect backdrop. In the past many designers would stay away from black, however it is now becoming one to embrace. These unique web design trends are pushing boundaries and breaking down the barriers that have been stopping the creative flow for some designers.