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Webheads / News / Top Examples of API Integrations
top examples of API integrations webheads leading london web agency

Top Examples of API Integrations

API stands for Application Programming Interfaces and when it comes to the integration of them, it refers to allowing two or more separate data sources / softwares to ‘talk to’ each other and work together. Booking tickets is a great example of this - as an online calendar will have to sync up and work with ticket generating software to display available dates and make bookings (and take payments) all on the one website.

We here at Webheads have become known for our expert and seamless API work and as such have some top examples of API integrations that we have completed for many global clients. Our latest API work was completed for Adelya which is a loyalty card and points programme. As they work with many brands and vendors, it is imperative that different softwares can seamlessly integrate with their own softwares and website. So when it came to integrating the travel card for Cape Town Pass with Adelya, it was Webheads to the rescue.

Ventra is another of the top examples of API Integrations which we carried out. This is where we had to get the Ventra ticketing software to work with the Golden Tours website (which we also custom designed and deployed). Rezdy too is another travel software that we integrated with an older Paris-related project. These examples go to show how Webheads are known for their work in the travel industry – showcasing how clients choose us for their custom website design in tandem with their API needs (with tickets being a recurring theme). You can click / tap here to read more about our API work for the Empire State Building.

Top Examples of API Integrations

Whenever you or your business needs different softwares and programs to interact with one another, integrate together and still retain a seamless and speedy user experience (UX) for your business; we are the ones to call. Like with all of the work carried out by us here at Webheads, we make sure to always deliver both on time and on budget (the Webheads promise).


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