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The Perfect Recipe to an eCommerce Website

Your eCommerce website requires some crucial ingredients in order to cook up some sales for your business. Here we take a look at the elements that can elevate your offering – and keep customers coming back for more.

User Experience (UX)
We keep going on about the user experience of a website and we do this for good reason. User experience (UX) refers to how a visitor to your website enjoys using it and is able to fulfil their need(s) while using it. But it is not enough to have the content that they are looking for simply ‘on’ your website; they should instead be easily guided to it in a comfortable and natural way. A sales funnel is a good comparison to this. It would begin by attracting a potential customer to your eCommerce website and once they are there, the design, feel and flow of the website should work to convert them into a customer of your business. Your website being responsive on both desktop and mobile devices would form one area of UX, as would the overall navigation and usability of all of the elements (buttons, images, tabs etc). Click / Tap here to learn more about our expert UX services.

Product Descriptions
Whether it is a digital product (like an eBook or download) or a physical product like a candle or piece of clothing; describing it in detail helps to bring it to life on your eCommerce website and help depict how it could occupy space in the life of the potential customer. A good product description comprises of a written description of the product (such as its use, size, shape, colour, texture and more), images and ideally videos too to show it in action and to give a better sense of its use, size and scope. If you have any customer reviews of the product, these are ideal to include too as they demonstrate how real customers feel about the product – thus showcasing what the potential customer could feel if they too were to purchase.

Advertising and Outreach
When baking a cake, the ingredients are just as important as the environment they are cooked in i.e. the oven. Putting this into an eCommerce website context, you have to also take into consideration the environment of the world wide web and how this will affect your website and online business. So make sure to also consider the likes of online advertising (such as Google Ads and social media ads like Facebook and Instagram) to help cut through the noise of competitors by improving your reach and audience and also the likes of newsletter campaigns to keep your subscribers engaged and up to date with your latest products, offerings and promotions etc.