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Pantone’s 2020 Colour and Website Design

The influential Pantone institution have recently announced that ‘Classic Blue’ is their colour of the year for 2020. When we examine colour and website design, there are conscious colour choices and visitor psychology at play to inform the custom website design. Here we take a look at how Pantone’s influence may play a part in website design in 2020.

To begin, ‘Classic Blue’ instantly denotes a tone of being perfectly plain, traditional and (like the name suggests) classic. This brings with it a sense of comfort, familiarity and calm. Especially compared to the more vibrant (and arguably controversial) Pantone colour of 2019 which was ‘Living Coral’. But in the vein of website design, shades of blue are hugely prevalent throughout already. Take for example how most links within text are presented – in a classic blue colour (that turns purple) after you click on them. Even our very own logo incorporates a shade of blue. Such is the universal appeal of this primary colour that it can seamlessly work in a variety of scenarios.

But just because a company assigns a colour like this, should we take much heed of it? The answer is yes in the sense that this colour choice is based on their predictions and forecasts of the upcoming creative, environmental and even political spheres for the year ahead. With this, they foresee the colour ‘Classic Blue’ as “a colour that anticipates what’s going to happen next.” This is fitting for many reasons and so when we examine the aspect of content being ‘on-trend’, we can expect to see this blue in many places throughout the year ahead. Therefore those seeking a modern and slick website attuned to visitors knowledgeable of current affairs may very well want ‘Classic Blue’ to feature within it.

We place an emphasis like this on colour and website design because as we custom create every website we make; we here at Webheads are able to incorporate any colour(s) you would like in any way that you would like. What may seem like a somewhat trivial detail actually has far reaching potential and repercussions when it comes to the likes of brand identity, cohesion, consistency and audience awareness. This is why it makes sense to choose a leading London web agency like us here at Webheads to get your website custom designed and deployed both on time and on budget by an expert team with decades of experience.