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A Look at the New Google Search

A new Google search design has started to roll out – bringing with it some important changes to be aware of. Whether you promote your website with Google Ads, rely on organic strength or a mixture of both; here is what you need to know.

How Ads Appear
The main change with how ads will appear in the new Google search is in a visual manner related to how they display among the search results. Rather than the signature green font colouring and box surrounding the word ‘Ad’ that has come to define them; the word ‘Ad’ will now be displayed in a more standard bold black display. This will now sit at the very top of the ad listing beside the URL of the website – as opposed to being underneath the ad title as before. While you may think that this will make ads more naturally blend in among organic search results now, this is in fact not the case. As you will see below, organic results will also be appearing slightly more different meaning that they will not be confused with ads and vice-versa.

How Organic Results Appear
A new branding aspect will be added to organic results and listings as your website can now display a favicon along with their results. For those who don’t know, a favicon is a small icon that most websites have that displays in the browser tab. They most often take the form of the company logo. As such, with these snippets of branding now being displayed along with organic search results with the new Google search; your website is given yet another way to stand out with its visual identity. Don’t forget too that your competitors will most likely enable this on their website to be attuned to this new search display – so you do not want to lag behind in that regard. Contact us as our highly skilled web agency team can implement this favicon element for your website search results.

To keep afloat with all of the various updates, upgrades, trends and algorithms that Google and other ranking factors online can bring, it makes sense to have a leading London web agency like Webheads on your side. Contact us to get the assistance and support from a web agency which has been in existence for almost thirty years – bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to everything that we do.