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improving your digital presence

Improving Your Digital Presence

If you are a small or medium business owner currently in two minds about your current website design, or if you want to give your current website a shaking up, there are a range of simple steps you can take towards improving your digital presence. Here are some of our top recommendations for DIY digital marketing tasks.

Checking the citations on your website is important because they mean quite a lot to Google when they rank your website in their search engine. Your citations are also very important for online users that may be local and could be browsing for the exact service you offer.

If you want to know a bit more in depth about how your customers really use your website, you can install a free heatmap tool to help you do so. This software generates images of your website highlighting exactly where customers click and also where they avoid. This is a great tool for improving your digital presence as it can be helpful to find barriers to conversions and make adjustments which should only increase your revenue.

Another useful tip for improving your digital presence would be to run an SEO audit every couple of months. You might learn that your website is optimised perfectly or it may highlight key areas that need some work. These audits will catch everything from missing meta data descriptions to broken links and more. With less of these errors appearing in your SEO audit it is more likely you will rank better in Google’s search engine.

Along with an SEO audit, if you don’t have a system in place for tracking your content, this is another key task that could really improve your digital presence. In today’s digital era content is king so it you haven’t done so already, you could go through your current content to review it and ensure that it is all up to date. Here you might notice some content that could be amalgamated or deleted.

Testing your speed is a vital step to keep on top of as users now expect a seamless experience online. By completing an SEO audit and fixing some errors could really improve your website speed while keeping Google happy too as they only want to rank the best possible results.

For more information on how to revamp your current website please get in touch as we here at Webheads would love to share some more tips on improving your digital presence.

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