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gamification in ux

Gamification in UX

For many years, web and UX designers have constantly been working hard to implement new techniques to make sure websites and apps are dominating when it comes to being more human orientated. Gamification is a special technique which has been known to save many web designers from a productivity crisis, thus embedding itself into UX.

With 2020 after throwing many new realities to almost every business sector, it is essential to maintain productivity and motivation in our new ways of doing things. This is where gamification in UX comes in, as it supports web designers through the process of adding elements to websites and apps and encourages the development of an emotional bond with the user. Many web designers in the sports, health and productivity industries build their websites by using gamification. Designers acknowledge how the user doesn’t want to have to think about the navigation too much, but enjoy experiencing fun and challenging elements at the same time.

Some of these techniques involve creating a sense of belonging for the user and ensuring that the user doesn’t get bored or give up easily. A gripping process is also important to get the users full attention, by ensuring the user feels captivated and treats a long lasting process as a continuous habit. By making sure the website or app provides compliments and support to the user, this draws their attention to micro-achievements, ensuring confidence and solidifying their willingness to continue. Through gamification in UX, small achievements can build up to bigger milestones for the user as it allows the user to evaluate the changes to their experience and how meaningful the app or website was to them.

If you have not already done so, web designers can implement gamification into their design by setting a goal that will be realisable and will solidify a sense of purpose for the user. Elaborating the rules for users is also important. By making them easy and simple for the user, this keeps them engaged but does not cause any stress or pressure. Encourage small victories for the user throughout the platform by complimenting their time and effort. It is also key for your website to support intrinsic motivators throughout their journey on your digital platform.

Gamification in UX is made up of a lot of psychological tricks for web designers to use where applicable. The better a designer understands their user’s needs, the more successful the website or app will be.