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Just like we may exercise and go to the gym to keep our body fit and functional; so too does your website require to be built and developed in the best possible way. This empowers it with strength and stamina to survive and thrive online and ultimately make conversions. Here we show you how we custom design and deploy fit and functional website design projects.

For this blog post, we will take a look at one of our most recent fit and functional website design projects which was for Kinetix Nutrition. This brand sells natural nutritional supplements online and also boasts a brilliant knowledge vault of content that is brimming with training and nutrition tips. For their website, they required a slick and responsive design that could cater to these two content pillars while implementing an easy to use checkout. By keeping the Kinetix branding at the forefront, their branding was positioned alongside these positive attributes to foster both positive connotations and conversions.

In order to be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices, we implemented a highly visual tiled interface which is poised to attract both clicks and taps on these respective devices. Like with any of our custom website designs, the content was search engine optimised so that the website could begin to rank online and attract traffic from the get-go. It should be noted too that like with all of our custom website designs, Kinetix Nutrition was also delivered both on time and on budget. This meant that it was fighting fit to disrupt the crowded market and make an impact where it mattered most by having a target audience in laser focus.

Needless to say, CEO of Kinetix Nutrition Steve Palmer was thrilled with the result of the functional website design:

“To help us grow to the next level, what we needed was a user friendly ecommerce website that displayed our products to the world while also portraying and capturing our brand values which are so important to us. Webheads unquestionably achieved this and with an easy and seamless online customer experience.

The whole team at Webheads were a pleasure to work with and, importantly, always took the time to listen and ensure they understood and reflected our needs”.