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Conversion Copywriting Tips

Many digital marketers solely focus on the technical side of search engine optimisation to drive traffic to their website and may hire copywriters to create specific content for search engine algorithms. Although this can be effective, it is important to remember that search engines rank content based on the experience that it provides to the user. So instead of writing content to crack the algorithm of a search engine machine; we need to start creating more content with the user at the forefront of our minds.

Search engines (like Google) use two alternative approaches when they are working to split valuable and high quality content from low quality content. High quality content should meet the EAT criteria – expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Other content should directly impact how a reader feels and should follow the YMYL criteria which is – your money or your life. By following these methods, your content will be more user-centric; so here are some conversion copywriting tips to achieve just that.

An important tip is to spend time on the introduction. More so than ever, the human attention span is at an all-time low so it is essential for copywriters to include a hook in the introduction. This will help to grab the attention of your target audience. You can do this by including an opening sentence that is captivating and sure to evoke curiosity – imploring the user to explore a little more. Highlight the purpose so that the reader knows exactly what to expect from your content and get rid of any extra words. Make your sentences as direct and concise as possible too.

Yet another tip for your website design is to make sure that your content allows the user to skim through it. It is best to avoid large blocks of text on your website and the most effective way to get your user to fully grasp your message at a glance is by using headings, subheadings, numbered lists and bullet points. The easier your content is to read and the more it jumps out at the user, the user will more than likely stick around for longer. Your call-to-action (CTA) is probably the most important element of your website copy. By telling the user what to, how to do it and why they should do it; this provides a sense of direction for the user and it also inspires and encourages them to take action.

These conversion copywriting tips are only some of many examples of how they can convert your copy into sales. Be sure to make some of these changes today to guarantee an enjoyable experience for the users of your website.