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characters and illustrations in website design webheads leading london web agency

Characters and Illustrations in Website Design

Many brands and businesses are now requesting to include illustrations and characters in website design. This is because they tell a great story and leave a long lasting impression that becomes embedded into the mind of the user.

They also use images to tell the story behind their brand, such as stock imagery and real life photos that corresponds nicely with the story they are trying to deliver. This can work extremely well in the online environments that they are used in. That being said, the reason why we use illustrations and characters in website design more often these days is simply down to the fact that while real life photos narrate a story well; this style can lack when attempting to convey certain concepts. This can include ideas that are imaginary, abstract or intangible as sometimes words alone cannot be enough.

Characters on the other hand play a strong role online as they are simple and effective by having the ability to help guide your online customers’ emotions throughout the story of your brand. In simple terms, a fun happy character that is present on your website can cast its net to immediately capture the attention of the user (quicker than any font or gradient) and can craft the perfect scenario for your website user. Branding agencies and web designers lately are using a lot of happy faces and smiling characters in their designs to show customers how happy and satisfied their other customers are with the brand. You will notice that characters will relate to how the user feels. An example here would be when we stumble upon the 404 error page or lose internet connection and a sad face appears on your screen.

Although it seems tempting to want to litter illustrations and characters your website, it is important to note the right reason to use these. A lot of the time, having illustrations as icons for speedy user navigation is why we use illustrations and characters. Your illustrations and characters must also relate closely to your brand at all times, representing things like the same colour and overall aesthetic, while using the one illustration style overall to remain consistent.

There are many other reasons as to why we use illustrations and characters in website design and why they are a growing trend in the online world. If you don’t already have any associated with your brand, get creative and have some fun by allowing them to bring more life to your web design with help of Webheads.