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2021 Digital Marketing Forecast

2021 Digital Marketing Forecast

As the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, it creates more opportunities to connect with customers in a targeted purchase journey. In the coming year, sound research and key concepts will drive a creative strategy to boost customer engagement and sales through digital marketing. With the year we have just experienced, the 2021 digital marketing forecast can be hard to predict and it could be a year that presents even greater challenges for those in the marketing space. As such, here is some insight into key trends to expect in the marketplace in 2021.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) bring a new definition to the online eCommerce experience by providing a lot of personalised content – turning conversions into revenue opportunities. By having the capacity to enrich communications and being able to analyse and measure real time data; this means customers can get the right content at the right time of their purchasing journey. Programmatic ads with real time bidding will further amplify the impact of technology, allowing you to build more communication profiles and enhance chat experiences for the user.

The 2021 digital marketing forecast also suggests that voice search in the eCommerce arena is becoming even more common though devices such as smart speakers or smart phones. These devices are now becoming extremely effective lead generation tools for marketers. In tandem with that, while we continue to live in a socially distant world, customers are making use of quality mobile apps more than ever before. By developing a quality app, it gives business owners the opportunity to lower costs as they can make a more accurate prediction of sales, providing a seamless experience for the user which combined will lead to repeat business.

Values based digital messages is also one not to be missed for the year ahead after the riotous political season many have recently experienced. Values based messaging may play one of the bigger roles in influencing the consumers decisions online. It is forecasted that many will decide to purchase from brands that are more in line with their own personal values. These values can range from eco-friendly and green initiatives to health and safety to in store pick up. Knowing this, it makes perfect sense to focus deeper on the values of the demographic you intend to target in 2021.

The 2021 digital marketing forecast is set to bring a whole new variety of digital marketing advances for the year ahead and many more to follow.